Why you should main Deadlock in Valorant?

Deadlock is a powerful sentinel that Valorant introduced in version 7.01. It is great in 1v1s due to its ultimate which turns enemies into a cocoon and gives them very less chance to live once the annihilation ultimate hits them.

Its signature ability is a barrier mesh that you can equip by pressing E in your keyboard and it generates a strong barrier that blocks character movement. It takes about 30 Valorant bullets or 31 phantom bullets to break a large ball that is at the centre of all the walls.

If you use a knife it will take 12 left clicks or 8 right clicks. This makes the wall so powerful and stops site push or gives you more site control during pushing sites or defusing bombs.


valorant barrier


valorant sonic sensor

Abilities of Deadlock are

  • Signature ability (E): Barrier Mesh.
  • Ability 1 (C): GravNet.
  • Ability 2 (Q): Sonic Sensor.
  • Ultimate Ability (X): Annihilation.

valorant gravnet

How many shots to break Deadlock barrier mesh?

Bucky seems to be a great counter to break deadlock’s barrier mesh

Weapon Shots to Big center ORB Shots to Smaller Orbs
Classic 47 22
Shorty Uses all ammo 4
Frenzy 47 22
Ghost 40 19
Sheriff 22 11
Stinger 45 22
Spectre 47 22
Bucky 4 2
Bucky Alt Fire 6 4
Judge 6 3
Bulldog 35 17
Guardian 19 9
Phantom 31 15
Vandal 30 15
Marshal 12 6
OP 8 4
Ares 40 19
Odin 32 15

Why you should main Deadlock in Valorant?

  1. Unparalleled Defensive Power: Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh offers an incredibly strong defence, providing essential cover for both you and your teammates. It can be a game-changer during crucial moments of a match.
  2. Ultimate Dominance: Deadlock’s ultimate ability, Annihilation, is a game-winning tool in 1v1 encounters. Turning enemies into a cocoon leaves them vulnerable to the annihilation blast, ensuring victory in critical clutch situations.
  3. Site Control: With the Barrier Mesh, Deadlock can assert control over bombsites, making it difficult for enemies to execute their strategies. This ability to block character movement can be pivotal in stopping pushes and securing victories.
  4. Versatile Kit: GravNet and Sonic Sensor further enhance Deadlock’s versatility, enabling players to gather valuable information and set up traps for the opposing team.
  5. Highly Disruptive: Deadlock’s abilities disrupt enemy movements and tactics, creating opportunities for your team to capitalize on their mistakes.
  6. Effective in Retakes: Due to its powerful ultimate and defensive capabilities, Deadlock is exceptionally effective during retake scenarios, helping to swing the momentum in favour of your team.
  7. Bucky Counter: Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh can be a challenge to break, but Bucky’s shotgun proves to be a worthy counter, allowing you to dismantle enemy defences with relative ease.
  8. Team Support: Barrier Mesh can also serve as a lifeline for your teammates in dire situations, providing them with essential cover to reposition or recover.
  9. High-Impact Plays: Deadlock’s abilities have the potential for high-impact plays, making it an attractive choice for players who enjoy carrying their team to victory.
  10. Surprise Element: As Deadlock is relatively new to the Valorant roster, opponents might not be familiar with its abilities, giving you an edge as they underestimate your potential.

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