Sea of Stars Haunted Mansion Puzzle

Sea of Stars is a game released in 2023 and developed by Sabotage Studio. It has garnered lots of appreciation and won prestigious awards like “The Game Award for Best Independent Game. It is a role-playing game and is available for Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. This article serves as a guide for solving the Sea of Stars Haunted Mansion Puzzle.

Sea of Stars Mansion Library Puzzle

This is one of the best and most important puzzles you must solve in the game. This Puzzle unlocks a great advantage in further gameplay. We will be guiding you through the process of solving the mansion puzzle in the sea of stars.

1. Firstly, you need to go up by using the ladder that will be available on the left side of the library. At the top, a bookcase is there, which you need to cover up by walking and at the end of the bookcase Crown will become visible to you, pick up that crown.

mansion puzzle ladder

2. Towards the right side of the Library, a king statue wearing a Knights Helm is placed which you need to. To find it you need to climb down through the same ladder which you used earlier and navigate to the right side of the library. Find the King’s statue and place the crown on top of it. Also, remember to take the Knights helm with you.

king statue

3. Now come to the center of the library and find the Knight’s statue and place that helm on it. The Knight’s statue is present in the left part of the library. A cutscene will appear which will give more hints on solving the puzzle.

4. You will find 8 ancient objects which you need to take and again climb the ladder and reach the bookcase. According to the hints given during the cutscene, you need to switch these items with the right items by interacting with the bookcase.
switch objects

5. That’s it, you have completed the mission and you get the X-strike combo skill.

Sea of Stars removed the cameo of The Completionist

The Completionist is currently under the limelight for the fraud accusations. He has been accused by fellow YouTubers of keeping the money that was donated to him for charity. The Completionist, Jirad Khalil did defend himself by stating that he still has kept all the money with him, and looking for the right foundation to donate to, and has no intention to misuse the funds. This controversy reached such a height that now the Sea of Stars developers have removed his cameo from the game.


This game has a separate fanbase and is one of the favorites of many gamers. There are Dozens of original characters which makes the experience more real and takes you on a captivating journey. It has lots of unexpected twists and events that will keep you excited and maintain the thrill factor of Stars looks inspired by the themes and mechanics of different games but with a modern engine and fresh coat of paint. the animation and memorable soundtrack are appreciated by all and comes out as a family-friendly game in every aspect.

Sea of Stars mansion puzzle

The game throughout tells a story amidst the hurdles and pain which keeps the player engaged. However, the minor violent content makes it suitable for kids. It is the story of two young adults named Valere and Zale who want to prove themselves as Solstice Warriors, showcasing how they deal with the mysterious world and how they use their innate magical abilities. The quest to save the world makes the entire game satisfying.

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