Weaponsmithing in the New World: Craft your weapons

New World has been getting an insane response from gamers since it came out. It was released in September of 2021 and has managed to place in top role-playing games. The developer has added an exciting feature “weaponsmithing trade skill” by which you the gamers can build your weapon. In this article, we are going to guide you through the process of crafting weapons.


Weaponsmithing in the New World

This is one of the key features of this game that has been receiving good responses from the entire community. It can be a little complex for the new ones, so here we are explaining the process in the best and simplest way possible. Before entering into the process of crafting weapons, you need certain essential items.

Essential items:

  • Ingots
  • Leathers
  • Clothes
  • Lumbers

After you obtain all these items, walk up to the Forge and press ‘E’, Crafting Window will open up. After that select the weapon that you want to craft through the Crafting menu. The level of your weaponsmithing trade skills will increase with each weapon that you craft. You will also get some points which you can utilise later in the game.

Weapons and ingredients required

There are different kinds of weapons that you can craft, here we are listing a few of them that you must craft. To build weapons, you need to know the essential amount and the quantity that the specific weapons require.

1. Iron Greatswords

  • 1892 x Iron Ore
  • 301 x Petrified Wood
  • 86 x Shadowfur

Weaponsmithing in the New World

2. Steel Greatswords

  • 1488 x Voidmetal
  • 868 x Petrified Wood
  • 248 x Shadowfur


3. Starmetal Greatsword

  • 2171 x Starmetal Ingot
  • 1169 x Petrified Wood
  • 334 x Shadowfur


4. Orichalcum Greatswords.

  • 10346 x Tolvium or Cinnabar
  • 5173 x Petrified Wood
  • 1478 x Shadowfur

There are a lot of other weapons that you can build with this feature. Before building any weapon you have to make sure that you collect all the essential components of it in the right amount. You will also get leveled up by building these weapons plus you will be awarded some skills points which will be very beneficial in the further gameplay.


It has been 2 years since this game was released, some hate it while some love it. There is a very mixed review of this game, so it would be hard for a new user to judge it. The best that one can do is that they play it once and then judge it. Few gamers appreciated the aesthetic beauty of the game but most of them did not like the game pattern of it. Although the game has mixed reviews people did like the crafting feature of it. This game allows you to craft your weapons which is a great plus point. The developers of the game (Amazon Games Orange County) need to bring some updates according to the feedback that they have been receiving.

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