How to Find COD Mobile UID and Username (IGN)

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the famous games right now and stands out as a competitor of PubG and Freefire. The game already had a fanbase of PC gamers which benefited them and is one of the main reasons for its success of the game. Since 2003 Call of Duty franchise has solidified its strong position in the gaming industry. In this article, we are going to guide you to find your username and user ID in COD mobile.

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How to Find COD Mobile UID and Username(IGN)

  1. Once you’ve opened COD Mobile, click on the profile menu at the top left corner.
  2. In the user section, you’ll see a menu at the top. Click on that.
  3. This will take you to your profile, where you can find your in-game name (IGN) and user ID (UID). These are like your gaming names and numbers.


Your IGN and username are important if you want to join games or make private rooms. They help others recognize you. Your User ID, on the other hand, doesn’t change and is given to you when you start playing. But, you can change your in-game name (IGN) whenever you want to give yourself a new name in the game. So, go ahead and check out your COD Mobile profile.

COD Mobile Championship 2023

As the Cod Mobile Championship 2023 nears its end, the spotlight is on the semi-final clash between Godlike Esports and Luminosity Gaming. If Godlike Esports wins, representing India internationally, it holds significant value for the Indian gaming industry.

Godlike esports

COD Mobile Season 11

There is a huge hype for the upcoming season of the COD where new skins will be introduced. The release of the new skins are already announced along with their names and release date.

  • Mythic Grau 556: December 9
  • Holiday Series Armory: December 22
  • Legendary PPSh-41: December 27
  • Mythic Siren: December 31
  • Legendary M21 EBR: January 2
  • Legendary Groza: January 5

Season 11 of COD Mobile feels like a level-up and will be more exciting than ever. The Call of Duty franchise never fails to impress the fans with its new updates. With the exciting release of Mythic Grau 556, Holiday Series Armory, Legendary PPSh-41, Mythic Siren, Legendary M21 EBR, and Legendary Groza, Season 11 looks to be a thrilling chapter in the Call of Duty: Mobile series. The franchise’s consistent ability to attract fans with innovative updates ensures that each season feels like a refreshing level-up, promising an even more exciting experience for players.


As we eagerly await the outcome of the COD Mobile Championship 2023, where Godlike Esports could potentially bring international recognition to the Indian gaming scene, the excitement surrounding COD Mobile Season 11 adds another layer of excitement. The introduction of new skins and updates promises an elevated gaming experience, underscoring the franchise’s commitment to keeping its fanbase engaged and satisfied.

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