How to Skip Cut Scenes in GTA

GTA is one of the finest games out there in the entire gaming industry. With its intense action and adventure feature it has attracted a lot of gamers towards it. GTA is the game with which most people start their gaming career, so you get an idea of how successful it is. There is one issue that gamers face and that is how to skip cut scenes in GTA. In this article, we will be guiding you through it.

cutscenes in GTA

How to Skip Cut Scenes in GTA

In the older version, there was this rule where only the host of the game had the right to skip cutscene but in January of 2023 some new missions launched, and with that players are getting a  chance to skip cutscene.

For PC users: Press ‘Esc’, ‘E’, or Spacebar.

For PlayStation users: Press ‘O’.

For Xbox users: Press ‘X’.

You can skip cutscenes but only in the new missions. There are still limitations in skipping cutscenes in the old mission. However, you are allowed to do that in Heist Missions but that’s the only one.

GTA 5 Liberty City Update

GTA 5 Liberty City Update

Rockstar Games recently hinted at the new update in GTA 5, which is the Liberty City Update inspired by GTA 3. This hints at the return of Yusuf Amir in GTA 5, generating excitement among gamers. Additionally, some sources suggest that a drift race feature is coming soon, adding more interest to the update.

GTA on Netflix?

Netflix recently announced that Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy is going to be available on mobile now. iOS and Android users will have the chance to play the game on mobile now. The game is expected to be available from 14th December.

GTA on Netflix

GTA 6 release

Yesterday, Rockstar Games officially confirmed the release of GTA 6. Furthermore, a trailer is set to premiere on December 5th. Rockstar Games announced this eagerly awaited trailer release date through a Twitter post, accompanied by an intriguing image offering a glimpse into the game’s setting.

Remarkably, this month is shaping up to be exceptional for the gaming community. GTA is introducing a plethora of new features all at once. Consequently, enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the reveal of these innovations and the exciting possibilities they may bring.

cut scene in GTA 6 ?

GTA 6 pre-order date leaked

An image is getting viral on social media where the news about the preorder date has been talked about. According to that post, the pre-order date is expected to start from 12 December. This means the game is not releasing this year, maybe in January.


GTA franchise has had a huge impact on the gaming industry since the very start. Released in 1997, the game is still relevant in the industry. With various releases in the series the game managed to keep their fanbase stick to them. In each release in the series, we all have seen various improvements and adaptations. The new GTA 6 trailer is most awaited right now and the gamers can not be more happy as they will get to play a new game in the upcoming months. Also, this time the franchise has targeted movie gamers too as Netflix is bringing the game to Android and iOS users. December is full of excitement for the GTA fans.

In this detailed guide, we’ve covered the ins and outs of skipping cut scenes in GTA, aiming to make your gaming experience smoother. As we explore the dynamic world of gaming, we’ve provided insights to help you navigate the latest updates and enhancements. Before you delve into our article on Call of Duty, where we present a curated list of our favorite games from the series, take a moment to explore the gaming tips and trends that we’ve shared to level up your gaming journey. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting, our articles are here to enhance your gaming adventure and make it even more enjoyable. We have also covered Baldur’s Gate 3, check it out.

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