Valorant Latest Update Patch 7.09 : Cypher buffs, Raze & Judge nerfs and more

Valorant Patch 7.09 brings exciting changes that shake up the game’s balance, offering fresh tactics for players. Key updates focus on Agents like Cypher, Skye, Raze, and Fade, tweaking their abilities for fairer play. For instance, Cypher’s Trapwire is quicker and re-arms itself, making him a stronger choice for strategic defense. Raze’s explosives are less powerful against enemy gear now, meaning players need to think more before throwing a grenade. Skye and Fade also see changes, forcing them to be smarter around traps.

But that’s not all. The Judge shotgun now packs a different punch. It’s harder to fire accurately when you’re moving, and you can’t hold as many shells. This change pushes players to pick their battles wisely and aim more carefully. Social features also get an upgrade, with new icons making it easier to see what friends are up to. Plus, the Premier mode updates mean teams have better chances to show their skills. Whether you’re in for the competition or just hanging with friends, Patch 7.09 shapes Valorant into an even better battlefield for everyone.

Valorant Latest Update Patch 7.09 Agent Updates

Agent Ability Update
Cypher Trapwire (C) Concussion time now 1.5s (was 3s). Trap re-arms post-concussion or post-kill in 0.5s. Tag slow effect up to 2s (was 0.75s).
Skye Trailblazer (Q) Collision adjusted to avoid mid-height Trapwires. No hitbox change.
Fade Prowler (C) Adjusted to bypass low Trapwires and not high ones. No hitbox change.
Raze Paint Shells (E) & Blast Pack (Q) Shells: Blast radius and damage reduced. Utility damage cut to 100%. Blast Pack: No damage until armed, arm time now 1.5s (was 0.5s).


There are 4 agents that will be getting their abilities adjusted in this update. Cypher will be getting a huge buff (again), raze will be getting a huge Nerf (again :P), and Skye and Fade will be getting minor adjustments. This update is highly going to favor Cypher and it is going to make the agent more popular. Valorant has been buffing Cypher for a long time now and Riot still thinks it needs some buffs.

cypher mains meme

Cypher mains looking down on everyone else after a huge buff


Trapwire (C)

  • Decreased the time until the trap concusses a captured enemy from 3 to 1.5 seconds.
  • After concussing an enemy or an enemy in the trap was killed, the Trapwire (C) no longer destroys itself but instead re-arms after 0.5 seconds, allowing it to ensnare another enemy.
  • The duration of the tag slow when hit by the trap increased from 0.75 to 2 seconds.

These changes to Skye and Fade are meant to add more strategic depth to the placement of Cypher’s Trapwire.


Trailblazer (Q)

  • Adjusted Trailblazer’s collision so that it goes under Trapwires placed at mid-height. This won’t affect the hitboxes for weapon damage.


Prowler (C)

  • Adjusted Prowler (C) collision so that they go over Trapwires placed at foot height and under Trapwires placed at head height. This won’t affect the hitboxes for weapon damage.


Raze will have to be more precise with her Paint Shells (E) in order to deal damage to enemies, including destroying enemy traps. Additionally, Raze will need to be more intentional in picking between using the Blast Pack (Q) for mobility or damage.

Paint Shells (E)

    • Primary grenade explosion radius from 6m to 5.5m.
    • Secondary grenade’s explosion radius from 6m to 5.25m.
    • Primary grenade explosion minimum damage from 15 to 1.
    • Secondary grenade explosion minimum damage from 15 to 1.
    • Damage multiplier to enemy utility from 250% to 100%.

Blast Pack (Q)

    • Satchel doesn’t deal damage until fully armed.
    • Satchel’s arm time increased from 0.5 seconds to 1.5.

Valorant Latest Update Patch 7.09 WEAPONS UPDATES


With the changes below, we’re sharpening the Judge’s identity as a hunker-down style shotgun by reducing some of its effectiveness while moving. With the reduced mag size, we’re hoping to create more opportunities for enemies to catch a person reloading their Judge as well as nudge the person with the Judge to be more efficient in order to get multi-kills.

  • Reduced max mag size from 7 to 5
  • Increased Jumping spread from 1.25 to 2.25
  • Increased Running spread from .10 to .75

Valorant Patch 7.09 SOCIAL UPDATES

  • Updated the icons that appear in the Friends List when friends are playing other Riot Games.
  • Valorant now detect’s people in Riot Mobile and TFT, and display unique icons for people playing these games.
  • People who are online in Riot Mobile have a “gray dot” Player Card Image.
  • The failsafe “Unknown Product” icon is now a red Riot fist instead of the gray dot.
  • Updated the icons shown for people in LoL, LoR and WildRift.

Valorant Latest Update Patch 7.09 PREMIER UPDATES

valorant premier updates from 24th October
valorant premier updates from 24th October

Premier Practice

  • There will be windows of time where you can queue for practice on select non-match days, check your calendars for the schedule! These matches will follow the Premier match structure, but will not affect your Premier Score.

Enrollment Updates

  • Teams created before or during the new ‘Team Creation Window’ will now be able to recruit members and participate in Premier at any point during the Stage!


  • Every match, teams will have one timeout per side and an additional time out in Overtime.

Premier Crests

  • Crests will now reflect your team’s performance and evolve over the entire stage.

Playoff Qualification Threshold

  • Valorant is lowering the qualification threshold in this stage to 600 points. Valorant recognizes that during this busy time of the year, it can be harder to schedule your team’s matches so they wanted to make it more forgiving if you have to miss a week.


  • Valorant has made some slight adjustments to find you fairer matches during the weekly matches.


  • Some regions can’t support the same number of divisions, so Valorant has made adjustments to certain zones to support generally healthier queue times and improved match fairness.

Valorant Latest Update Patch 7.09 BUG FIXES

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed a rare issue where detaching from a rope would cause a footstep noise.


To wrap things up, Valorant’s new Patch 7.09 changes the game in big ways. Players will need to learn new tricks and think fast because of the tweaks to characters like Cypher and weapons like the Judge shotgun. These changes make the game fairer and more exciting. Plus, it’s easier now to see what friends are playing, and teams can join Premier mode anytime, which is super cool. All these updates show that the creators really care about making Valorant fun and fresh for everyone who plays it. So, with Patch 7.09, every game feels like a new adventure! To enhance the chances of winning, you need the best mouse for valorant.

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