Valorant Game Changers GC 2023 Teams playing in Sao Paulo

There are 8 teams that are competing in the Game Changers Global Championship in Sao Paulo. The Valorant Game Changers 2023 in São Paulo is set to be exciting! Eight teams are coming, and everyone’s talking about it. “Turkey BBL Queens” and “Germany G2 Gozen” are two teams people know well. “North America Evil Geniuses GC” are also playing, and fans are excited.

We can’t forget “North America Version1,” “Brazil Team Liquid Brazil,” and “Argentina KRÜ Blaze.” They’ve all shown they know how to win. “Singapore Team SMG” and “China Chao Hui EDG” are also going, and fans think they’ll bring surprise moves. With these teams in São Paulo, the games will be thrilling to watch!

Overview of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023

This year, the VALORANT Champions Tour is bigger than ever. Gamers from all corners of the globe will battle it out in this super popular video game. It’s not just a game – it’s a chance for players to show their skills and teamwork. Everyone is wondering: who will be the top team this year?

Spotlight on São Paulo, Brazil

This year, a city called São Paulo in Brazil is one of the stars of the show. Why? Because it’s hosting key matches, and it’s a vibrant city full of life! Fans there are super passionate, bringing lots of energy to the games. Imagine the buzz of the crowd as teams face off, right in the heart of this lively place!

Valorant Game Changers GC 2023 Teams

Turkey BBL Queens

BBL Queens

Player Number Player Name
1 Turkey Alkyia
2 Turkey eva
3 Turkey Felipa
4 Turkey Vania
5 Turkey Wens

Germany G2 Gozen

g2 gozen

Player Number Player Name
1 Netherlands Petra
2 Denmark mimi
3 Russia Glance
4 Germany roxi
5 United Kingdom sarah

North America Evil Geniuses GC

evil geniuses gc

Player Number Player Name
1 United States Lorri
2 Canada StarBound
3 United States Theia
4 United States PowerPixele

North America Version1

version 1

Player Number Player Name
1 Canada florescent
2 United States alexis
3 Canada sarah
4 United States meL
5 Denmark Noia

Brazil Team Liquid Brazil

Team Liquid Brazil

Player Number Player Name
1 Chile bstrdd
2 Brazil daiki
3 Brazil bizerra
4 Brazil Joojina
5 Brazil isaa

Argentina KRÜ Blaze

KRÜ Blaze

Player Number Player Name
1 Argentina kalita
2 Chile romi
3 Chile conir
4 Argentina micaela
5 Brazil shyz

Singapore Team SMG

Team SMG

Player Number Player Name
1 Singapore Kohaibi
2 Indonesia enerii
3 Philippines shirazi
4 Philippines Alexy
5 Philippines Kamiyu

China Chao Hui EDG

Chao Hui EDward Gaming

Player Number Player Name
1 Taiwan Clem
2 China Lizhi
3 Taiwan WawaLee
4 Taiwan XiMiLu
5 Taiwan Yusin

Teams to Watch in 2023

Exciting times are ahead, as teams from all over are gearing up for the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023. These teams, known for their skill and strategy, are preparing for intense battles in the game. Let’s find out more about these teams!

EMEA Contenders

The teams from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) are strong. Known teams like “G2 Gozen” have players who understand the game deeply and are ready for challenges. They have shown their talent before, and many wonder what exciting gameplay they will show this year.

North America’s Fierce Competitors

In North America, well-known teams like “Evil Geniuses GC” and “Version1” are preparing too. They have members from the United States and Canada. With a history of smart gameplay and strong teamwork, they are teams others watch out for.

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Latin America’s Rising Stars

“Team Liquid Brazil” and “KRÜ Blaze” are popular teams in Latin America. They’ve proven themselves with fast, clever plays in past games. Their fans are eager to see how they’ll perform in this championship.

APAC’s Strong Contenders

In the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, teams like “Team SMG” and “Chao Hui EDG” are ones to watch. They come from countries like Singapore and China. They have stood out in previous competitions, playing swiftly and smartly, making each game interesting to watch.

valorant game changers championship g2 gozen trophy
valorant game changers championship g2 gozen trophy


In conclusion, the Game Changers Global Championship in São Paulo is going to be a blast! With eight top teams from around the world, including the amazing players from “Turkey BBL Queens,” “Germany G2 Gozen,” and “North America Evil Geniuses GC,” the competition is fierce. These teams are ready to show what they’ve got on one of the biggest stages in the world, right in São Paulo. Fans are super excited to see what surprises the teams will bring and who will take home the trophy. It’s not just about the win, though; it’s about showing off their hard work, skills, and love of the game. Since you are watching competitive Valorant regularly, you definitely must be interested in the best mouse for valorant. So, let’s cheer them on and look forward to some awesome matches!

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