Tower of Zharr : How to use it in Warhammer 3?

Hello there, Today, we’ll go into the wicked world of Warhammer 3 and discuss one great Chaos unit: the Tower of Zharr. This gigantic structure is your ticket to Chaos dominance if you want to add some major oomph to your games.

tower of zharr heirophant

What is Tower of Zharr in Warhammer 3?


Okay, first things first, let’s get to know this beast. The Tower of Zharr is a massive, demonic castle presented to you by Chaos Dwarf soldiers. Don’t be fooled by its brick-and-mortar appearance; this devilish tower packs a punch. In the Warhammer Fantasy Battles setting, the Tower of Zharr is a strong edifice linked with the Chaos Dwarfs faction. Chaos Dwarfs are a warped and evil offshoot of ordinary Dwarfs who have succumbed to Chaos worship and enjoy terrible sorcery and engineering.

The tower is a terrifying weapon capable of shooting and destroying foes on the battlefield. It’s where the Chaos Dwarfs’ commanders and magic users assemble, and it helps them govern the Warhammer world. When playing Warhammer, you can use the Tower of Zharr as a powerful unit to defeat your opponents and become a force reckoned with.

District Benefits for Each tier

The Tower of Zharr, an evil symbol of Chaos dominance, holds devastating powers in Warhammer 3. Controlled by sinister Chaos Dwarfs, it offers district benefits across three tiers.

Tier 1:

tier 1 districts

Sorcery Gain a formidable 10% research rate increase, unlocking potent spells to thwart your foes.

Military Mobilize with unparalleled might, breaching enemy walls instantly during sieges.

Industrial Enjoy a 5% increase in Raw Materials and Armaments output, arming your armies.

Tier 2:

tier 2 districts

Sorcery Spread Corruption with +2 Chaos Undivided Corruption in nearby provinces.

Military Swiftly mobilize with +2 Global Recruitment capacity, assembling formidable armies.

Industrial Ensure smooth supply flow with +1 extra Maximum active Convoys on the battlefield.

Tier 3:

tier 3 districts

Sorcery Reduces Winds of Magic cost by 10%, unleashing devastating magic.

Military Rapidly recruit with -1 turn global recruitment duration.

Industrial Extend your empire’s grasp with +3 Control in all provinces.

Wield the Tower’s power responsibly, forging a legacy of Chaos dominance in Warhammer 3.

Seat Benefits for Tower of Zharr

Seat District Cost Effects
Prophet Sorcery 75 +6% casualty replenishment
Black Alchemist Sorcery 75 Random magical item every 3 turns
Cardinal Daemonsmith Sorcery 75 -10% armaments cost
Thaumaturge Sorcery 75 +2 Winds of Magic per turn
Legate of Zharr Military 75 Armour of Contempt ability
Warmonger Military 75 +15% campaign movement
Black Smith Military 75 +25 Armaments per turn
Quartermaster Military 75 Random weapon every 3 turns
Machinator Industrial 75 +100 Raw Materials per turn
Excise Collector Industrial 75 +25% income from Settlement buildings
Preceptor Industrial 75 Random follower every 3 turns
Consul Industrial 75 +20 Diplomatic Relations
Hierophant Sorcery 150 Blood & Fireborn ability
Grand Reaper Sorcery 150 +1 unit capacity for Flying units
Daemogogue Sorcery 150 Flame & Shadow ability
Conscriptor Military 150 +1 unit capacity for Infantry
Ordinator Military 150 Dreadquake Battery ability
Lord Warlock Military 150 Wrath of Zharr ability
Grand Architect Industrial 150 -1 construction time for buildings
Expounder General Industrial 150 +1 Conclave Influence per turn
Trafficker Industrial 150 +10% Convoy cargo capacity
Mutator Sorcery 300 +3 Winds of Magic capacity
Black Artificer Sorcery 300 Doom of Hashut ability
Field Marshall Military 300 Spawns temporary Hobgoblin army
Infernatus Military 300 -1% upkeep for each military seat
Procurator Industrial 300 -2% construction cost for industry
High Commissioner Industrial 300 -5% Raw Materials requirements
Master of the Conclave 600 Confederate Servants of the Conclave
Dominator 600 Confederate Disciples of Hashut
Subjugator 600 Confederate Legion of Azgorh
Commander 600 Confederate Warhost of Zharr

How to use the Tower of Zharr?

The Tower of Zharr is a massive fortification in Warhammer that the Chaos Dwarfs possess. It works as a terrifying weapon during conflicts, firing and destroying adversaries. To utilise it properly, you must strategically deploy it on the game board, targeting opponent units you want to defeat. Keep the tower safe by surrounding it with strong forces. Keep an eye out for impediments that could obstruct its shoots and, if necessary, transfer it to a better location.

tier 3 industry

You can also utilise the tower to trick your opponent into assaulting it, then surprise them with other units. Its strikes are well-timed and targeted at crucial enemies. If there are strong defences, the tower can assist in breaking them down before your main assault. Practise numerous methods to become a good Tower of Zharr user and enjoy dominating your Warhammer opponents.

the plain of zharr

  • Recruit the Chaos Dwarfs: First and foremost, you must have the correct guys for the job. If you can get some Chaos Dwarfs, they’ll gladly bring their pet Tower of Zharr to the party.
  • Park it Wisely: The objective is to strategically place the tower. Please choose a location on the battlefield where it will wreak the most havoc (pun intended!). Allow your creativity to go wild regarding high terrain, chokepoints, or locations near your frontline.
  • Take ‘Em All: Now comes the exciting part! The Tower of Zharr is outfitted with a terrifying arsenal of magical artillery. It possesses flaming projectiles, black magic, and who knows what else! Destruction will fall on your opponents, and they will scatter like scared mice!
  • Defend the Tower: The Tower is valuable, so keep it safe! Surround it with your most powerful troops, especially large brutes or strongly armoured infantry. Nobody’s going to meddle with your tower now.

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Some tricks for Tower of Zharr

When you confederate another Chaos Dwarf faction, you claim their seats in the tower?

Bait and Blast: 

Draw your foes to the tower by acting like it’s not a big deal. When they get close enough, unleash hell on them. Suckers, surprise!

The Tower of Zharr is immense and not going anywhere alone. As a result, design your strategy properly. Be adaptable, and remember that abandoning the tower is okay if it’s too dangerous.

Experiment and Learn:

Practice makes perfect, as they say in Warhammer! Experiment with different tactics, unit combinations, and learn from your mistakes. The more you play, the more proficient you will get at using the Tower of Zharr like a Chaos master.

What is Hellcard in the Tower of Zharr?

Hellcard allows up to three heroes to fight against the Archdemon’s horde in co-op fights. In single-player mode, you can explore the dungeons alone or operated by computer friends. In multiplayer mode, you can enlist the support of friends or strangers to face the monsters of hell.

tower of zharr map

The Tower of Zharr is a fearsome and powerful asset in the Warhammer universe, belonging to the malevolent Chaos Dwarfs. This towering fortress is a seat of dark power and a devastating weapon of destruction on the battlefield. To wield it effectively, players must consider strategic placement, target priority, and protection to unleash their full potential against enemy forces. The Tower of Zharr is a formidable addition to the armoury of any Warhammer gamer.

Its commanding presence and destructive firepower make it a fighting force to be reckoned with. Players can inflict considerable damage on opponent troops and disrupt their strategies by properly positioning the tower and targeting the most critical threats.


The Tower of Zharr, on the other hand, is not without flaws. Because of its lack of mobility and vulnerability to counterattacks, it requires careful planning and help from other units to remain safe. Players must also be aware of obstructions hindering their shots and adjust their positioning accordingly.

Practise, experimentation, and a strong awareness of the Tower of Zharr’s strengths and weaknesses are required to become a master of it. Players will unleash the entire potential of this terrifying fortress as they refine their tactics and timing, overwhelming opponents and changing the tide of combat in their favour.

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