The Resistance Remembers ffxiv – Complete Guide

Welcome to Final Fantasy XIV, where epic adventures await! One of the most challenging tasks in this fantastic realm is obtaining the Relic weapons, and The Resistance Remembers ffxiv quest from the Shadowbringers update stands as a formidable challenge. Fear not, for in this guide, we’ll walk you through every step of the way to help you conquer this quest with ease. We have added all the details that you will need to obtain relic weapons by completing the Resistance Remembers quest.

Understanding the The Resistance Remembers ffxiv quest:

  • The Resistance Remembers is part of the Resistance weapons series, added before Endwalker.
  • Complete it once to unlock progressions for all Resistance weapons, saving you from repetitive steps for each class.

The Resistance Remembers ffxiv

Gathering Memories of Dying:

  • To proceed, collect 18 Haunting Memories of Dying and 18 Vexatious Memories of Dying.
  • Earn these memories from specific Alliance raids or FATEs in different regions.

Fastest Way to Obtain Haunting and Vexatious Memories of Dying:

To complete the quest, you’ll need to obtain 18 Haunting Memories and 18 Vexatious Memories. If you opt for FATEs, within just a few hours, you will collect them all. Most people avoid raids entirely and it takes very long for them.

  • Opt for Alliance raids, the most efficient method for acquiring the required memories. You need to queue for alliance raids and do FATEs during the queue waiting.
  • For Haunting Memories of Dying, engage in Shadow of Mhach raids, with the Void Ark being the quickest.
  • For Vexatious Memories of Dying, participate in Ivalice raids from Stormblood, with Rabanastre being the fastest.

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FATEs to get memories

If you’re looking for the quickest way to get memories in Final Fantasy XIV, FATEs are the go-to option. They can be super fast, especially if you team up with some Blue Mages to clear them quickly. Just be alert, the drop rates aren’t the best, so it might take some time. But don’t worry, you can increase your chances by doing FATEs on maps like Azim Steppe, where navigation is easy. Also, try advertising in Party Finder and team up with others for even faster progress.

Completing the Resistance Remembers Quest:

  • Deliver the gathered memories to the Allagan Node in Gangos.
  • The memories will be analyzed and allocated to enable you to modify your Resistance weapon according to your combat style.

The Challenge of Crystal Foci:

  • Beware of aetheric instability and potential weapon corruption during this stage.
  • Use crystal foci with a sealant of heated aetherial siltstone to ensure stability.
  • Search the ruins of Bozja or other suitable locations for this vital pottery.

final fantasy iv the resistance remembers

Tips to Expedite the Quest:

  • Optimize your time by focusing on the Void Ark and Rabanastre raids.
  • The queue for Alliance roulettes to level up other classes while waiting for raid duties.

Final Thoughts for The Resistance Remembers ffxiv Quest

Embark on this thrilling adventure to obtain the powerful Resistance weapons in your arsenal. With the help of this guide, you’ll tackle the Resistance Remembers ffxiv quest with confidence and tenacity. Remember, teamwork and perseverance will lead you to triumph in the realm of Final Fantasy XIV. Good luck, and may your journey be filled with triumph and glory!

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