Tesseract set to join an esports org. Will it be Team secret?

Jm “Tesseract” Ignacio is a Filipino Valorant player who was playing recently for Orangutan (an Indian esports org) which he left a few days ago. He had a great stint as an initiator in the team and performed in many games.  He was one of the best performers in the team.

He posted a tweet on 12th July about leaving Orangutan

However, in a recent update, tesseract updated on signing a new contract with an esports org. Tesseract is set to join an esports org


Speculations are being made that Tesseract will join team secret or NAOS Esports. However, the org has not been confirmed yet by any party. Whichever esports organisation he joins, it will be something worth watching how he will perform and replace other players in the team. Tesseract can play multiple initiator agents and take crucial frags for the team.

Organisations like team secret already have multiple initiator players, and it will be fun to watch who will get replaced and who will get the spot.

We will wait for any official updates from Tesseract or any other official source. Till then, we keep speculating.

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