How to Complete Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love

Soulstone Survivors, the action-packed roguelike game, provides players with an immersive world filled with monsters and magic. Amid all this adventure lies an event known as Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love which allows participants to unlock unique seasonal skills and achievements. We will walk through how to perform this event successfully so you can reap its benefits.

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What is the Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love?

The Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love is an annual Valentine’s Day event introduced with the Omen of Spring update 2023. Inspired by ancient ceremonies, this event harnesses the mystical powers of Soulstone–an invaluable gem that has long been believed to mend broken hearts, guide wearers and renew relationships.

At the Ritual of Love, your objective is to discover a heart-shaped crystal in the Whispering Grove map and break it to summon Camor, Lovable Archer. By letting Camor hit them with his arrows, your ultimate goal should be destructing eight of his Pylons–invincible totems covered in hearts–to complete this task and unlock new skills and achievements.

What is the Ritual of Love?

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Imagine an event within Soulstone Survivors dedicated to love and unity – this is the Ritual of Love! Think of it like an online ceremony to honour those we’ve lost within its world; we’ll show you step-by-step how it all works.

Performing the Ritual of Love


Before beginning the Ritual of Love, be certain you fulfil its requirements:

  1. Whispering Grove Map: Access the third map in the game, unlocked by defeating bosses from previous maps.
  2. Curse Intensity: Choose any Curse Intensity, but for optimal results, attempt the ritual at Curse Intensity 34 or higher.
  3. Adequate Gear: Equip yourself with weaponry and skills that aid survival and indirect damage.

whispering map Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love


  1. Map Access: Begin by accessing the Whispering Grove map at your chosen Curse Intensity.
  2. Crystal Discovery: Make your way toward the bottom left corner of the map, where you’ll find a pink heart-shaped crystal on an altar.
  3. Initiating the Event: Destroy the crystal to initiate the event, summoning Camor. The clock is ticking; if not activated within two minutes, the event will be locked for the remainder of the run.
  4. Camor’s Arrival: Camor will appear and fire arrows that inflict damage and bleeding effects.
  5. Pylon Appearance: After approximately two minutes, invulnerable pylons with heart-shaped crystals will appear at different locations on the map.
  6. Pylon Destruction: Your objective is to guide Camor’s arrows to hit and destroy eight pylons. You can manoeuvre Camor closer to the pylons or manipulate his arrow trajectory to achieve this.
  7. Achievement Unlocked: Upon successfully demolishing all eight pylons, you will unlock new talents and achievements.

victory in Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love

Rewards for Completing the Ritual of Love

Completing the Ritual of Love not only gives a sense of fulfilment; it also unlocks three seasonal skills that may prove helpful:

Heartbreak Orbs

These orbs launch in an arcing trajectory, inflicting 80 damage immediately and applying a bleeding effect that inflicts additional 180 damage over 10 seconds.

Camor’s Arrow: 

Conjure a powerful arrow which inflicts equal 3,000 damage on all enemies hit, stunning them for two seconds while inflicting a bleed effect that deals 600 damage over 10 seconds.

completed achievement Soulstone Survivors Ritual of love

Heartrending Strike:

Launch an effective attack to deal 220 upfront damage and transform all bleeding stacks on a target into Hemorrhage, an ongoing debuff causing ongoing damage over 10 seconds with a 40% chance of adding extra damage every meter a target moves.

Unlocking these skills unlocks three hidden achievements, each representing different difficulties:

  • Easy: Complete Camor’s Ritual at any Curse Intensity.
  • Medium: Complete Camor’s Ritual at Curse Intensity 17+.
  • Hard: Complete Camor’s Ritual at Curse Intensity 34+.

unlocks three hidden achievements Soulstone Survivors

But wait – there’s more! In addition to Cupid, the Whispering Grove now houses both regular and elite enemies that will present unique challenges when striving towards your achievements. Thanks to an enhanced spawning system, get ready to face an array of beasts as you battle through it all.

Why is Ritual of Love special?

  1. Help and Support: At this event, players come together to offer each other help and comfort if someone close has died in the game. Here you may also find understanding.
  2. Remembering Loved Ones: As a way of honouring those we care for and keeping their memories alive, we exchange tokens or items to remember those dearest to us. This ritual keeps their legacy alive.
  3. Celebrate Connections: This event is all about celebrating our connections to one another and demonstrating our appreciation and love towards fellow players.

Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love gameplay

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Ritual of Love be undertaken during the “Endless” mode?

The Ritual of Love is associated with the Whispering Grove map. Unfortunately, however, its reach does not extend into “Endless” mode – instead manifests exclusively within its boundaries.

Is there a time limit for participating in the event?

The Ritual of Love takes place annually from February 13 to February 26, and its presence can be felt across gaming communities worldwide. Beyond these dates, its essence remains embedded, and your acquired skills and achievements remain available to you for future use.

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Can the Ritual of Love be undertaken collaboratively?

Absolutely! Collaboration plays an integral part in this event, and its Ritual of Love experience for participants; all require their own Soulstone ring in order to participate.

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What strategies prove effective for successfully completing the Ritual of Love?

Strategies may differ based on individual playstyle, yet certain tips still hold:

  • Equip gear that balances survivability and indirect damage.
  • Dodge Camor’s arrows with precision.
  • Employ the in-game map to track pylon spawns.
  • Position Camor to direct his arrows at the pylons.
  • Swiftly annihilate all eight pylons to secure victory.


Soulstone Survivors Ritual Of Love event is an opportunity for you to show off your skills while reaping exclusive rewards. Stepping into this magical realm brings excitement and challenges like no other! Engage in Ritual Of Love to unlock seasonal skills and claim achievements along the way!

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