How to Cancel SIE PlayStation Network Charge?

Did you save a lot of funds to buy the ever-desired PlayStation console? Well, the level of contentment after buying it is blissful. But when you are on a low budget and see the transaction history containing a lot of SIE PlayStation Network Charge deducted, it would bother you. 

Even if you don’t have an active subscription, then the Automatic payments are enabled by default and charge you a hefty amount per month. I have been through the same and can understand the budget problem it creates hence have suggested the method in how you prevent the charges! 

What is SIE PlayStation Network Charge? 

SIE stands for Sony Interactive Entertainment. These charges are directly to Sony itself, the company which develops PlayStation, PSP, and other entertainment stuff.

There are mandatory charges, and hence you see its transactions in your account statement. They randomly charge your fees monthly with automatic payments. 

Besides, upon enquiring with the credit card company about these charges and ending up in a dispute, Sony would ban your account. These are not rumors, but for this reason, Sony Network banned many PSN Accounts. Thus, it is essential to tackle it smartly!  

Can you Access PlayStation Without a PSN Account? 

No, you cannot access PlayStation without a PSN Account. Moreover, since the account creation process is free, therefore there’s no issue. However, you should pay some charges monthly. This varies as per the subscription plan you have opted for! 

How to Play PS for Free? 

There’s no hack or an illicit way to play PS for Free, as the platform lets you do so without hassle. Certain games are free on PlayStation for a specific time. However, not all games are accessible this way. 

After signing up with your PSN Account, you will see games that you can use without any additional charges. Besides, if that’s something you cannot do and isn’t feasible every time, navigate to PlayStation Network Store. 

Further, search for free titles via Computer or smartphone. 

How to Stop SIE PlayStation Network Charges? 

Sony charges you for SIE Network Charges for availing its services, and many believe it to be random. 

Since it deducts them automatically, some of you would think it’s impossible to refrain from such payments. Fortunately, it isn’t true, and you can stop these charges. 

  • Go to PlayStation Settings 
  • Select Account Management
    Select Account Management from PlayStation Settings
    Select Account Management from PlayStation Settings
  • Click Account Information and navigate to PlayStation Subscriptions 
  • Tap on the service you want to cancel, preferably PlayStation Subscriptions, and click the Turn Off Auto Renew button 
    click the Turn Off Auto Renew button
    click the Turn Off Auto Renew button

It will cancel the chosen subscription, and Sony will stop deducting SIE charges. Furthermore, you can turn it on following the same method whenever required. 

How to Change SIE Network Charges’ Payment Method? 

Opting out of SIE Network Charges also cancels the subscription payment which you had opted for. Therefore, if you don’t wish to cancel and, for miscellaneous reasons, change the payment method, then it’s possible! 

  • Open PlayStation Store and log in with your account 
  • Go to Settings and choose Payment Management 
  • Choose Add Payment Method, input its information, and save changes 
    Change SIE Network Charges' Payment Method
    Change SIE Network Charges’ Payment Method

Thus, you successfully change the payment method of the SIE charge by modifying it for that of subscription. 

The Final Verdict

SIE stands for Sony Interactive Entertainment which charges you a substantial monthly fee without your knowledge. This transaction goes to Sony, which develops the PSP, PS, and other entertainment stuff. 

Upon enquiring about the charges and ending up in a dispute, PlayStation bans your account. Therefore, you have to be careful. The effortless and safest method is to turn off automatic payments from account payments to refrain from paying for them! 

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