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When it comes to enjoying sci-fi simulator games, Rimworld proves to be a top notch choice for the gamers. In order to make your colonists happy in Rimworld you need to make a hefty amount of money. There are so many drugs in the game that you need to know Rimworld Best Drug for Money. There are an ample number of ways for making money in Rimworld like different crops you can grow, buildings you can construct, animals you can tame.

In this article, we’ll look at one of the most profitable activities in Rimworld: farming the Rimworld best drug for money. You can make a lot of money by wisely cultivating and developing drugs to help your colony’s survival and growth. Let’s have a look at RimWorld’s best drug !

Which is Rimworld’s Best Drug for money?

The first step in farming the best drug is to select an appropriate material to cultivate. Yayo, a highly addictive stimulant, is widely regarded as the best drug for increasing income in Rimworld (Steam). Yayo is the Rimworld best drug for money. It has a high market value and a vast prospective consumer base, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Flake is also considered as one of the profitable drugs that your colony can generate on its own. It should be noted that producing the psychoid plant takes a Plants skill of 6, and generating flake necessitates the Psychite refining research.

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1.Production and Research

To begin growing yayo, you must first investigate drug manufacture on the research bench. Prioritize drug production-related technologies such as drug synthesis and refining to improve drug production efficiency and quality.

Next, set aside a distinct space for drug production. Construct a drug lab, a crafting space, and a storage room nearby. To maximize output, make sure your colonists have the essential skills and desire for drug manufacture.

2. Growing Raw Materials:

Yayo is made from two fundamental ingredients: psychoid herbs and neutroamine. In excellent soil, psychoid leaves can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Assure that your growers have a strong understanding of plants and assign them the responsibility of prioritizing the planting and harvesting of psychoid leaves.

Neutroamine, on the other hand, cannot be produced naturally and must be obtained commercially or discovered in nature. You can send out caravans or request neutroamine from traders. To maintain a steady supply of Yayo, stock up on neutroamine.

3. Drug Manufacturing and Quality:

Send your experienced colonists to the drug lab once you have enough psychoid plants and neutroamine to manufacture Yayo. Keep in mind that the drug’s quality determines its commercial worth and addictive potential. To increase the possibility of producing high-quality Yayo, assign colonists with good craftsmanship and intellectual abilities, as well as a passion for drug manufacturing.

4. Creating Trade Routes:

Now that you have a consistent supply of Yayo, it’s time to set up trade routes to sell your product. Send out caravans or invite traders to your colony. Negotiate the best price for your Yayo with traders. Keep a look out for sellers of rare or bulk commodities who prefer to pay higher drug costs.

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Rimworld Best Drug for Money: Other Comparisons:

Apart from Yayo and Flakes some other drugs can also stand out as most profitable for your colony, in case you are producing them wisely:

 Smokeleaf is also one of Rimworld’s best drugs for money and is a direct competitor of flakes in profit making. Smokeleaf only provides 88% of the silver per unit of planter labor as flake (+12.5% more drug/plant, but 21.5% value/drug). Furthermore, joints take longer to build – with equivalent competence, they require +80% more work.

 However, because smokeleaf relies on Cooking ability, it can be more effective when you have an excellent Cook idle. Furthermore, smokeleaf plants produce more per plant growth day, especially in hydroponics. As a result, when work time is not a concern, smokeleaf can be superior.

Ambrosia is also a great choice which grows just during the event and may grow in an awkward position. As a result, ambrosia is inconsistent at best. However, ambrosia requires no work to synthesize, simply harvesting – and if it sprouts nearby, it’s easy money.

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Final Words:

Farming , Rimworld’s best drug, for money can be profitable in your Rimworld colony. You may produce significant wealth and assure the survival and growth of your colony by properly controlling the cultivation, production, and trading of Rimworld’s best drug for money. 

To ensure your drug farming enterprise remains successful, prioritize research, optimize production, control addiction, and maintain security. 

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