PS5 Controller Red Light: What Does It Mean {Full-Guide}

Is the PS5 Controller Red Light on DualSense troubling you? If yes, then worry not; we will explain it here.

The latest PS5 DualSense controller has come up with several exciting features. With the four LED lights at the bottom and four light bars around the Touchpad, it has leveled up your gaming experience. These lights being minimal won’t distract you from gaming! 

Being new to PS5, you would be wondering about the purpose of the LED lights on the new controller. These lights, remarkably the red light, may appear as something serious to new users. But don’t worry; this piece of writing will make all the things crystal clear to you.

What Are The LED Lights In The PS5 Controller For?

You have already noticed LED lights close to the Touch Bar in your PS5 controller. Sony PlayStation 5 has attempted to offer a brand new experience to the players with the introduction of these lights. 

These are nothing but an indication of your player number in the multiplayer game you are playing. Every time you use your controller, you will find a particularly colored light circulating across it. Each colored light you see has a unique meaning in the game. 

The controller shows red, green, purple, and blue LED lights depending on your player number in a multiplayer game with multiple users connected.

What Does PS5 Controller Red Light Indicate? Is It Alarming? 

Of Course not! As discussed above, seeing various colored lights in the PS5 controller is normal. They mainly indicate the player number and glow up in particular situations.

PS5 Controller Red Light

Red light is often seen as an indication of something bad, but luckily this is not the case here. If you see a Red light on your PS5 controller, then this means that your player number is two. Hence, there is nothing to worry about here. You can keep unveiling new achievements in your multiplayer game as a second player.

Meaning Of Various Light Colors On PS5 Controller

As we have already told you that the Red light on your PS5 controller makes you player number two. You must be wondering what other lights signify. Let’s see one by one.

  • Purple Light: Purple light on your PS5 controller makes you the fourth player of the multiplayer game you are a part of.
  • Green Light: If you are observing a green light on your controller, then it means that your player count is 3.
  • Blue Light: If you find that your PS5 controller is lighting blue, congratulations, you are the main player of your multiplayer game. It makes you player number one.
PS5 Controller Blue Light
  • Orange Light: The orange light is not related to your player count. It indicates the battery situation as if your controller is charged or needs the same.

So, this was the complete information regarding the significance of various colors on your gaming controller.

Can I Replace The Red Light With Any Other Colored Light?

You cannot customize the LED lights according to your choice. So, if your controller has a red light on, you can do nothing about it. 

Moreover, these lights are automatic and show up in certain specific situations. For instance, in case of an attack in a particular game, you may observe the Red glow on your controller. Similarly, blue and red lights will appear while cops chase you in GTA games. Isn’t it amazing? 

The Bottom Line 

We have tried to make the PS5 controller Red light concept clear for you. The Red light, just like other colored lights on your PS5 controller, are provided to upgrade your experience while you play any multiplayer game. 

So, by now, you must have become familiar with the Red light concept. Besides, for multitasking or watching your friend’s game while playing yours, check about PS5 Picture in Picture now

In case you have any more questions, feel free to write to us below.

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