Prophecy dungeon Loot – Destiny 2 : Weapons and Armor

Destiny 2’s Prophecy Dungeon Loot can be an engaging and rewarding activity that allows Guardians to obtain powerful weapons and armor. Players travel into an unknown dungeon that tests their skills, teamwork, and wits along the way – in return; guardians receive an impressive variety of loot that can strengthen their arsenal and enhance gaming experiences. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this enticing loot after completing it – exploring its unique rewards while discussing why this activity must be part of any Destiny 2 enthusiast’s arsenal and gaming experience!

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What do you get for completing Prophecy Dungeon?

Destiny 2 is well-known for its challenging yet rewarding dungeons, such as the Prophecy Dungeon. Here players will encounter thrilling challenges that test both skill and teamwork; those daring enough to enter this maze of darkness can find great rewards, such as weapons and armor drops, that make this activity worth exploring. In this article, we explore this thrilling experience further and look at its bounty of loot available here – especially those offered within its depths!

Prophecy dungeon Loot: Weapons and Armor

Are you up for an epic loot hunt? Destiny 2’s Prophecy Dungeon Loot holds incredible treasures that will leave you breathless. Take a closer look at what awaits in this epic Dungeon:

First Encounter Second Encounter Final Boss Final Chest
The Long Walk (Solar Sniper Rifle) The Last Breath (Kinetic Auto Rifle) Moonfang-X7 Helmet Armor Darkest Before (Arc Pulse Rifle)
Judgment (Kinetic Hand Cannon) A Swift Verdict (Void Sidearm) Moonfang-X7 Gauntlet Armor A Sudden Death (Arc Shotgun)
Crushing Greaves Leg Armor Crushing Guard Gauntlet Armor Moonfang-X7 Chest Armor Crushing Helm Armor
Mark Judgement Class Item Moonfang-X7 Leg Armor Crushing Plate Chest Armor
Moonfang-X7 Class Item Mark Judgement Class Item


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1. Powerful Weapons to Unleash Mayhem:

  • The Long Walk (Solar Sniper Rifle): An impressive and precise solar sniper rifle capable of decimating enemies at a distance.
  • Judgment (Kinetic Hand Cannon): Deliver devastating shots with pinpoint accuracy!

2. Stylish Armor Sets for a Legendary Look:

  • Moonfang-X7 Helmet Armor: The Moonfang-X7 Helmet Armor stands out as an impressive and elegant helmet to command attention on the battlefield.
  • Moonfang-X7 Gauntlet Armor: These gauntlets provide style and protection – ideal additions for any guardian’s loadout.
  • Crushing Greaves Leg Armor: Crush your enemies with these resilient and crushing leg armor pieces!
  • Mark Judgement Class Item: Display this tangible symbol of your triumphs in the Prophecy Dungeon as your class item with pride.

3. Versatile Weapons for Varied Tactics:

  • The Last Breath (Kinetic Auto Rifle): This Kinetic Auto Rifle allows for rapid firepower in any firefight.
  • A Swift Verdict (Void Sidearm): A Void Sidearm makes for swift justice by taking down foes quickly and efficiently

4. Magnificent Armor Pieces for a Complete Set:

  • Moonfang-X7 Chest Armor: Completing your Moonfang-X7 set, this chest armor provides additional protection.
  • Moonfang-X7 Leg Armor: Keep yourself steady as you navigate dungeons by donning this resilient leg armor piece.
  • Moonfang-X7 Class Item: A legendary class item to display your accomplishments in the Prophecy Dungeon.

5. A Final Surprise in the Chest after the Boss:

  • Darkest Before (Arc Pulse Rifle): Use this lethal Arc Shotgun to close distance quickly with devastating blasts.
  • A Sudden Death (Arc Shotgun): For your efforts in Prophecy Dungeon completion, this firearm provides incredible rewards!

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Is the Prophecy Dungeon Loot Worth Doing?

Yes, Prophecy Dungeon activity loot provides not only captivating gameplay and an exhilarating experience, but its loot is also highly prized. Weapons from Moonfang armor sets possess impressive power, and their visual aesthetic makes them worthy additions to any Guardian’s arsenal.

Prophecy Dungeon Weapons Ranked

prophecy dungeon loot weapons

Rank Weapon Type Ammo Type Element Description
1 A Sudden Death Shotgun Special ammo Arc A Sudden Death Shotgun offers lightning-fast takedowns with its Arc power source, making it an excellent weapon for crowd control in battleground environments.
2 A Swift Verdict Sidearm Primary ammo Void Quick, agile and dependable: the Swift Verdict Sidearm is your reliable ally in precise shooting.
3 Darkest Before Pulse Rifle Primary ammo Arc Darkest Before Pulse Rifle is an unstoppable rapid-fire weapon designed for unrelenting firefights.
4 Judgment Hand Cannon Primary ammo Solar With Judgment at your side, you become both judge and executioner! This Solar Hand Cannon’s accurate shots leave enemies scorched and defeated!
5 The Last Breath Auto Rifle Primary ammo Kinetic The Last Breath Auto Rifles are reliable Kinetic weapons designed to take down enemy shields while dealing consistent damage
6 The Long Walk Sniper Rifle Special ammo Solar The Long Walk Sniper Rifle is an ideal weapon for long-range engagements, thanks to its Solar elemental damage which provides precise firepower


Additionally, the farmability of this Dungeon’s weekly focus allows players to continue searching for desired drops, increasing their odds of finding rare weapons and armor pieces.

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Watch this video for demonstration of Destiny 2 Prophecy loot

Destiny 2: Best Dungeons Ranked By Loot

Prophecy Dungeon easily stands out as one of Destiny 2’s premier loot-laden dungeons, boasting captivating encounters, efficient farmability, and eye-catching IKELOS weapons and Moonfang armor that make for unforgettable encounters and allurement for Guardians looking to enhance both their capabilities and fashion sense.

  1. Duality.
  2. Grasp Of Avarice
  3. Spire Of The Watcher
  4. Pit Of Heresy
  5. Prophecy
  6. Shattered Throne

Is Prophecy Farmable in Destiny 2?

Yes Prophecy is farmable in Destiny 2

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Farming for More Rewards:

  • Once you complete a Prophecy Dungeon, it can be repeated any number of times to earn better gear and stats.
  • However, on subsequent runs you’ll only obtain gear from encounter chests (first boss, cube room and final boss) which match what’s in your Collections.

The Mysterious Loot of Kell Echo:

  • Kell Echo is the final boss who drops Daito armor (Moonfang armor).
  • Every time you defeat Kell Echo each week, he or she will give away an armor piece from Daito that you have already unlocked.
  • After that, random Daito armor pieces from your armor collection may drop as rewards from Kell Echo.

Rewards at Each Encounter:

  • First Boss: Get Legs, Class Items, Hand Cannons, and Sniper Rifles.
  • Cube Room: Obtain Arms, SMGs, and Swords.
  • Kell Echo/Emissary: Reap Helmets, Chests, Legs, Rocket Launchers, and Shotguns.

Unraveling the Prophecy:

  • Investigate the Prophecy Dungeon with multiple runs to unravel its secrets while improving your gear and skills
  • farm your goods to become a Guardian legend


The Prophecy dungeon Loot in Destiny 2 is an absolute thrill! Boasting breathtaking loot, such as IKELOS weapons and the beautiful Moonfang armor set, this adventure provides unforgettable memories and powerful gear. Gather your team, refine your skills, and start the adventure of exceptional loot. Maximize the chances of victory and return with great finds. Don’t miss out!

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