How to use Demonologist Ecto Glass

When it comes to the exploration of first-person horror games filled with suspense and thrilling adventures, Demonologist is no doubt the preferred choice of gamers. We’ll be discussing how we can use Demonologist Ecto Glass in the game. Demonologist has provided gamers with an online world of cooperative suspense and horror.

In Demonologist, you need to identify the ghost haunting a specific location. Players use a varied number of tools to demonstrate and collect specific evidence to identify ghost presence.

If you are also a demonologist who is looking for a reliable gadget to detect paranormal activity, then Ecto Glass is the way for you. This amazing tool is used to detect ectoplasm stains, which are a sure indicator of ghostly presence. In this guide, we will delve deeper into how to use Ecto Glass effectively in your investigations.

What is Demonologist Ecto Glass?

using Demonologist Ecto Glass

Before we dive into how to use Ecto Glass Effectively, let us know what ecto glass is and how does it work?

Ecto Glass is a specialized glass for detecting ectoplasm stains. Ectoplasm is a substance said to be produced by ghosts and other supernatural beings. It often appears as a thick, sticky fluid that might be white, clear, or even coloured.

Ecto Glassworks by coating the glass with a unique coating that reacts to ectoplasm stains. When held up to a light source, such as a flashlight or candle, any ectoplasm stains will appear as a bright white or yellowish glow.

How to Use Ecto Glass in Demonologist

To use Ecto Glass in Demonologist, follow the below steps:

  • First of all, you need to buy the Ecto Glass tool from the Demonologist game store, for which you have to spend an in-game currency of around 1500. 
  • After you have the Ecto Glass, you can equip the tool in your inventory with all of your other tools.
  • Now you are ready to use Ecto Glass and ESG detector to detect any paranormal activity at any location.
  • Ecto Glass uses Ectoplasm stains to identify paranormal activity which can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Finding Paranormal activity using Ecto Glass

The first and foremost step is to identify potential areas having a paranormal presence. It can be a haunted house, a cemetery, or any other location where people have significantly reported or sensed any abnormal or paranormal activity.

Once you have discovered these paranormal regions, the next step is to carefully put the Ecto Glass at that location. These regions could be the places where individuals have reported seeing any abnormal presence or feeling cold sports or any other kind of strange feeling.

Identifying Ectoplasm Stains Using Ecto Glass

Once you have placed the Demonologist Ecto Glass at any suspected paranormal site, start looking for ectoplasm stains there. These stains can be produced by various types of entities, such as demons, ghosts, or any other supernatural being.

Also, it’s quite important to recognize the types of ectoplasm stains, as they can assist you in deciding what kind of supernatural being you are dealing with. For example, some demons leave slimy ectoplasm stains, while many leave solid stains resembling dirt or mud.

To find ectoplasm stains, hold the Ecto Glass up to a light source and inspect the specific region for any bright white or yellowish light. Make a note of the location where you notice ectoplasm stains. This information can help you determine what kind of creature you are dealing with.

equip Demonologist Ecto Glass

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Final Words:

In your way of finding paranormal entities in Demonologist, Ecto Glass can be a useful tool for detecting such entities. Understanding the working and utilizing power of Demonologist Ecto Glass can provide you with the valuable and precise information about the types of entities you have to deal with. Also, you need to make sure to be cautious and respectful while investigating any paranormal activity in Demonologist. 

It is also better to seek assistance from trained Demonologists if you feel you are not at the depth. We hope this guide has provided you with significant knowledge on Demonologist Ecto Glass. Got any queries or doubts? Let us know in the comment section below.

Happy Investigation!

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