How to reload in Valorant

Reloading in Valorant is pretty straightforward. The gun automatically reloads if you empty the mag that is you shoot all bullets in your weapon. However, if you want to reload your gun manually, the default button that is set by default is button R.


However, if R is not working for you, Go to Controls > Equipment and check the key bind here. If it shows another button instead of R, use that for reloading.

It is always better to switch gun instead of reloading

If you face situations where you die due to reloading a gun, there is a better way! Instead of reloading guns like Vandal, phantom or Spectre, you can switch to classic and use that for killing the enemy right there.

Reload Cancelling

Reload cancelling is one of the amazing techniques used by pro players to bait others into peeking at you. In this technique, you click on reload and immediately switch to another gun such as a classic or any other pistol. Enemy player hear the reload sound and rush to peek at you. In the meantime you can be ready to kill them once they peak

Common Tips for Efficient Reloading in Valorant

  • Stay aware of the Ammo count: You should know when to reload and when to fight more
  • Communicate with your team: When reloading, communicate with your team so that they know you can’t fight at that moment and provide cover or adjust their position accordingly.
  • Use agent abilities: To get time for reload, you can use agent abilities like slow orb of sage or another abilities to delay the fight and give you time to reload
  • Conserve your ammo : After the recent update in Valorant, you only get 3 full mags and therefore you should avoid spraying unnecessarily.

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