Top 5 Hockey Games PC Free 

Are you searching for the best hockey games PC suitable for low-spec PCs as well? You are lucky, as the latest list is right here!

Watching hockey is legitimately fun, and you would feel like digging into the game’s nostalgia. However, it’s never easy, especially if you haven’t played it before or it’s a long time since you didn’t go on-ground. 

Moreover, finding friends willing to be enthusiastic hockey players would be difficult. Here’s where you would look for Hockey Games PC. 

With the introduction of the first hockey video game by the NHL in 1991, having a thrilling hockey experience became easier. The different variations of hockey games added fun and intriguing elements to the game. Thus, you can enjoy field, ice, or roller hockey, and apart from consoles, you can now enjoy them at the pace of your PC. 

But being a hockey fan, you must feel a lack of real experience and thrill in the hockey games on PC. Many online games keep the players deprived of the actual hockey experience. But worry not; we are presenting the latest hockey games for PC with outstanding mechanics that can make your hockey fun real.

Best Hockey Games PC

Whether you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11, with our experience and gameplay, we have curated a dependable list of the best hockey games for PC. You can take note of the minimum system requirements for each game. 

Most hockey games offer various difficulty levels and are almost free to play. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the gameplay and unique features of each game. 

1] Super Blood Hockey

Super Blood Hockey

Being a famous predecessor of NHL Hitz, this game offers no fancy stats. But if you are a beginner, its easy gameplay mechanics would benefit you. 

Sound effects range from countdowns to goal horns, cheers of crowds, and explosive sounds when grabbing hockey pucks mid-air with extended wingspan. Portraits of real hockey players appear on the player tiles while the game portrays anime-inspired graphics. 

Play this game with your improved hockey club, using skills like passing and shooting to score more goals than your opponents. Doing this within a limited timeframe gets challenging.

What We Liked?

  • Intriguing graphics
  • The ability of superior skating, strategy & positioning

2] Mini Hockey Champ

Are you looking for some classic hockey game-playing experience? 

If yes, then Mini Hockey Champ can be a good choice for you.

Mini Hockey Champ Hockey Games PC

It is a simple yet exciting game you can play on a PC. Here, you must control your team using skills like shooting & passing. Scoring more goals than your rival is the main aim. 

The gameplay becomes more interesting with the various sound effects. For instance, the explosion sounds when you catch a flying hockey puck or the goal horns and the cheering sounds all add fun to the playing experience. 

Besides, the game portrays tile-based graphics like various other hockey games. The game requires 2 GB RAM. Additionally, if you have an obsolete OS like Windows 7 or 8, the game is playable. 

What We Liked?

  • A full championship mode
  • Amazing ice skating controls

3] Backyard Hockey

How about a hockey game that offers thousands of customizable options? 

Well, yes, we are talking about Backyard Hockey here.

Backyard Hockey

This two-decade-old game is still fun to play for many hockey lovers. It allows you to choose your desired arena hockey game without artificial restrictions. Your only limit here will be your creativity and imagination.

Even if you are new to the hockey world, this game will offer you immense fun as it lets you set your difficulty level yourself. The gaming gets more realistic with the indulgence of the official soundtracks from various hockey movies like Mighty Ducks. 

The immersive gameplay mechanics and graphics add fun to the playing experience.

What We Liked?

  • Full stats for teams & players in Season play mode
  • Several gameplay options

4] Air Hockey Ultimate 3D

Do you wish to play a hockey game on your PC with realistic physics and outstanding graphics? 

If yes, we recommend the fantastic Air Hockey Ultimate 3D game. 

Air Hockey Ultimate 3D: Hockey games PC with neon experience

Fat Bat Studio Ltd has designed this game, which lets you play against your computer or friends in 4 different levels. With 4 table options, including classic, soccer, ice hockey, and football, you can play it in a neon-glowing arcade room.

Above everything, Air Hockey Ultimate 3D lets you play multiplayer on your same personalized computer. 

You can even challenge up to 24 players with its Championship mode. You can play it now with Windows 10 or higher, with around 40 MB of free space available.

What We Liked? 

  • Customizable mallets
  • Smooth Camera Movement

5] Slapshot: Rebound

How about a multiplayer hockey game for PC that offers arcade-style physics? 

If yes, Slapshot: Rebound hockey game is a must-check on your list! 

Slapshot: Rebound

Here, all your skills, like shoot or puck, depend on your controls as you don’t get any shoot button. The game is almost free and lets you team up with your friends or play with various online players. 

Moreover, the game offers some in-game cosmetic elements, too. For this game, your system needs a minimum Intel i5 with 4GB RAM & 1GB space. Windows 10 OS or above perfectly suits the game.

What We Liked?

  • Smooth mechanics
  • Tracking in training mode

The Bottom Line 

Well, you know some of the best hockey games for PC. To your surprise, these hockey games are free to download. 

With exceptional sound effects and excellent animations, these games will give you realistic fun and happiness. Mini Hockey Champ and Backyard Hockey are the best games in the category! 

Furthermore, you can have these games installed on any low-spec PC. So, to enjoy these games, there is no need to worry about the system requirements. Now, what are you waiting for? Try them today!

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