GTA 5 drug dealer locations (August 2023)

GTA preserves itself as a top man when it comes to playing engaging games. Gamers always have a craze for action-adventure and multiplayer gaming. We will be discussing all the GTA 5 drug dealer locations in this article. A few months ago, Los Santos Drug Wars LLC was released in GTA online. It has brought a great advent for the gamers trying to obtain the best position in the game.

More gamers are engaging in the game and exploring content that brings new adventure and challenges for them. New storyline of ‘the first dose’ is also worth taking time for you including modernized features and graphics.

In this article, we will delve into the streets of GTA and let you know more about GTA 5 drug dealer locations and street dealers in GTA. Let’s get started!

Street dealers in GTA 5?

GTA online brings a new set of street dealers. They play a key role in the drug trade throughout Los Santos. 

Street dealers can be easily spotted doing dealings at the local places everyday. Or else you can find them walking or sitting on the street sides. They are an exciting element in the game. If you are willing to know more details about them you can find them in specific locations that change everyday.

How to Use Street Dealers in GTA 5?

Every day, three random street sellers will appear in a different area. Its location is marketed with a speaking bubble motif on its large map. Through those speech bubbles, the players converse and eat with drug dealers in order to sell drugs made from your stuff.

If you own a nightclub, for example, you will have a product to offer. You cannot sell that specific commodity unless you own a Motorcycle Club, Nightclub, or Acid Lab. 

Furthermore, every day street dealers have a preferred substance. So, if you sell that substance, the dealer will pay you a premium for that.

Street dealers are mostly interested in weed, cocaine, meth and acid which requires a specific business of all these products. 

Every day, the three dealers will pay a higher amount for a specific drug. If you sell a higher quantity of all kinds of drugs, your map icon will become gray. 

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According to the most recent week updates, the street dealers are paying more money to the players that sold them drugs during the week. When you deal with them on a daily basis and earn, you can save time and bring several benefits. 

The most difficult task is locating these street drug dealers. The main reason is that you won’t be able to see them on a map until you get close to them. As a result, you must be attentive and seek them out in lonely alleys or streetways. 

GTA 5 drug dealer locations today

If you manage an Acid Lab, Motorcycle Club, or Nightclub, you can earn a lot of money from GTA Online’s street dealers.

So, rather than attempting complex and time-consuming sales missions, you can earn money by selling drugs. It is an easy and time-saving solution with numerous advantages.

It will also enhance your weekly bonus. For the last three days, we have reported three GTA 5 drug dealer locations.

August 7, GTA 5 drug dealer locations

Location  Premium Drug Required
Richman Hotel Weed
Beaver Bush Ranger Station Weed
Sandy Shores The Boat House Acid

August 6, GTA 5 drug dealer locations

Location  Premium Drug Required
Foreclosed North Alamo Pier, Alamo Sea Acid
Korean Plaza’s Service Bay, Little Seoul Meth
Cottage Park in the Rockford Hills Meth

August 5, GTA 5 drug dealer locations

Location Premium Drug Required 
Del Perro Plaza, Del Perro Acid
Little Seoul Station, Little Seoul Acid
Marina Drive, Alamo Sea, abandoned Mexican restaurant Acid

August 4, GTA 5 drug dealer locations

Location Premium Drug Required
Downtown Vinewood, Benefactor-Gallivanter Dealership Acid
Chumash/Banham Canyon, Ineseno Road, beachfront Acid
Palmer-Taylor Power Station Weed


Common Places to lookout for drug dealers:

Following these specific places, below are some popular  gta 5 drug dealer locations in GTA Online that you can visit at any time: 

1. Vespucci Canals:

Vespucci Canals, as the name suggests, is a network of canals. It is located near the Los Santos neighborhood of Vespucci Beach. The Vespucci Canals are a famous and well-known hangout for street drug sellers. Local drug traffickers sell drugs on side streets near the canals.

2. Vangelico Jewelers:

It is located in Los Santos, in the Rockford Hills area. Vangelico Jewel Store is a well-known drug dealer in the game. The business is situated between a few alleys and side streets frequented by drug dealers. 

3. Los Santos International Airport, California:

The Los Santos International Airport has a large parking area where many drug dealers can be found. Even near airports, there are several lanes and streets where drug dealers can be found easily. However, you should be aware of surroundings because you could get caught for drug possession.

4. Pier del Perro:

The Del Perro Pier neighborhood in Los Santos is another good place to find drug dealers. Many drug dealers can be found in the hidden parts of this neighborhood where drugs are sold.

Final Words:

GTA Online is a popular game that players enjoy playing because of the plot. The game’s most recent update brought some new stuff that players will undoubtedly enjoy. 

This article lists the most recent GTA 5 drug dealer locations. Apart from them, we have identified the most common locations where drug dealers can be found.

We hope you discover the correct drug dealer in those locations. If you have any questions about finding street sellers or selling drugs in GTA Online, please leave them in the comments below and we will be happy to respond. 

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