Giraffe Valorant Agent – Upcoming Agent 24 in Valorant

It’s always exciting to know which new agent Valorant has introduced as they change the meta of both esports and ranked games. Valorant gamers have almost completed learning Deadlock and here is a new rumoured agent with the codename Giraffe.

It was leaked yesterday by Mike @ValorLeaks who is a reliable source for such news.



Valorant community has already started making jokes with the codename. However, this is only a codename and the real name for this agent will be very different


Valorant has put specific codenames for each agent before finalising its name. For example, Brimstone’s codename was Sarge, Omen’s codename was Wraith and Cypher’s codename was Gumshoe which is very different from their names. It’s up to the creative team of Valorant to decide the final name of the agent.

valorant giraffe agent tweet

Disclaimer: Mike from ValorLeaks has also warned that this could be a scrapped agent. This agent may or may not get released by Valorant but still, it has a fun code name.

giraffe reddit comment

This Reddit comment shows how Giraffe agent will be more useful than cypher for getting intel in LAN competitive games.

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