How to get Mage Cap in Valheim

If you love exploring open world action games then Valheim is an excellent choice for you. In this article we will be discussing how you can get Mage Cap in Valheim. Valheim is a survival game built in the Viking age. It offers an amazing experience to gamers with its organized world containing ample resources and amazing creatures.

 The main objective of the game is to progress and survive through Viking purgatory, mainly by creating exceptionally strong weapons and defeating powerful bosses.

In order to survive and run through different missions Mage Cap is a must for the players. Many of you would not be aware about how to find Mage Cap in Valheim. Don’t worry, in this comprehensive guide we will look at What exactly it is, how to find it and also how to craft a Mage Cap in Valheim.

What is Mage Cap?

The Mage Cap is an amazing and unique piece of armor that brings extraordinary magical abilities to the player. It is one of the most bought items among the players, as it boosts up the magical abilities of the players which helps in survival for a longer span of time. The Mage Cap resembles a small and circular hat, made of cloth which is surrounded by a magical aura.

How to get Mage Cap in Valheim

You need to follow a series of steps to get a Mage Cap in Valheim. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Find Mistlands Biome:

The Mage Caps are likely to be found in the Mistlands biome. For entering into Mistlands you need to craft a Wisplight which is made of Silver Ore and Torn Spirit from Yagluth, the Plain Boss. Once you have Wisplight and the proper protected armors with you can raid into the Mistlands in search of the Mage Caps. 

2. Search for Mage Caps in Valheim:

It can be challenging to find Mage Caps in Valheim as they randomly spawn throughout the Mistlands in clusters of three. You need to be patient while looking for Mage Caps. Also using a cultivator-the same tool used for Cabbage and Barley would be easier. With a cultivator, you can dig up the soil and find the Mage Caps easier.

3. Collect all the Mage Caps:

For collecting the desired Mage Cap you need to come closer to the cap and press the action button on the controller. This will give you the option to add the Mage Cap to your Inventory.

Valheim cultivating magecap

Random Locations for Mage Cap:

Mage Caps will appear at random areas across the Mistlands. These are commonly present in caves or places having a higher intensity of magical energy. Also, these can be found in different chests in the caves and at any other secret spot.

Mage Caps can also be discovered in a variety of different locations across the Mistlands.  Sometimes it becomes difficult to locate these places as they are sometimes buried in caves or nearby locations, where you require a hefty amount of energy to discover them. 

Valheim cultivating

What to do with Mage Caps?

After collecting all the Mage Caps you can use their special magical potentials. These caps will provide you with ample number of benefits which includes reducing weight of your armor, increasing attacking powers and a lot more. Also, with a proper guide you can build magical rings that increase your immunity to certain types of damage.

How to craft a Mage Cap?


You can also craft a Mage Cap in Valheim, if you have collected a sufficient number of caps. You can craft cap in the forge, which will require following resources:

  • 10 Iron
  • 1 Dragon Egg
  • 3 Mage Caps
  • 20 Fine Wood

Once you collect the required material, head to a forge and craft a Mage Cap. The Mage Cap will enhance your magical powers significantly and make you a top notch player for extreme survival. 

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Wrapping Up:

The Mage Cap in Valheim is certainly an incredible tool to increase your magical abilities to the extreme level. To find the Mage Cap, you will need to lookout for the Mistlands, craft a Wisp Fountain, have the adequate amount of tools and armors, and search for the Mistlands for Mage Caps. 

Valheim cultivating barley

Although exploring the Mistlands and searching for Mage Caps can be a daunting task, it’s worth it for your survival. It is quite important to be ready with all proper gadgets, armors, weapons and tools for this crazy adventure. Also, be cautious to battle with different players while searching for the Mage Caps.

We hope this guide has provided you with definite knowledge regarding Mage Caps in Valheim. Got any thoughts or queries tell us in the comment section below.

Happy Hunting!

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