Erick Aspas Valorant Net worth 2023 : Salary, Achievements & Endorsements

As of 2023, Erick “Aspas” Santos, a big name in the gaming world, has an estimated net worth of about $200,000. He earned a chunk of it, specifically $184,219.29, by showing his skills and beating others in 12 gaming tournaments. But, playing games isn’t his only source of cash. He also streams his gaming sessions online, and a whole lot of people tune in to watch him. This way, he earns more through the ads on these streams and the support from his viewers. He has a youtube channel as well where he uploads regularly.

Aspas’s journey to building his wealth isn’t just about playing games for fun. It requires skill, practice, and a bit of showmanship when he’s “on air” for his fans. On top of his earnings from gaming and streaming, he also gets some extra cash on the side. This can be through deals with gaming gear companies that want him to use and promote their stuff, and maybe from selling merchandise like t-shirts and caps with his gaming logo. So, it’s his hard work and smart moves that contribute to his net worth of $200,000.

Who is Erick “Aspas” Santos?

Erick “Aspas” Santos is known for playing video games professionally. He’s really good at it, and because of that, he makes money just like any other professional sportsperson.

Information Details
Real Name Erick Santos
Date of Birth June 15, 2003
Nationality Brazil
Net Worth Estimated around $200k
Current Team Leviatán Esports
Alternate IDs aspas

Erick Aspas Valorant Net worth 2023

Tournament Earnings

Earnings Summary
Year Total Results Online Results Offline/LAN Results
2023 $89,000.00 $0.00 $89,000.00
2022 $94,030.78 $4,216.60 $89,814.18

Aspas takes part in big gaming battles called tournaments, and guess what? He’s a champion in many! For example, he scored a massive win at the “VALORANT Champions 2022,” earning a whopping $60,000. That’s not his only victory. In total, from just 12 tournaments, he’s gathered an impressive $184,219.29! This isn’t just because of good fortune; it’s his skill and strategy in gaming that help him clinch these victories. By winning, he doesn’t just earn money; he also proves he’s one of the best gamers around.

Sponsorships and Endorsements

Not all of Aspas’s earnings come from winning tournaments. Big companies see how skilled he is and want their names associated with him. That’s what we call sponsorships and endorsements. They pay him to use their products during games. For example, he uses gear like the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT mouse and wears the Logitech G Pro X headset. It’s not just about using the stuff, though. Aspas promotes these products to his fans, which helps the companies sell more. How cool is that? It’s a win for Aspas and a win for the companies!

Where Does His Money Come From?

  1. Playing Video Games: Aspas gets the most money by winning video game tournaments. He’s won a lot of them, and that’s where the $184,219.29 comes from.
  2. Streaming Online: If Aspas plays video games online where people watch him play, he could make money there too. People can donate money or subscribe to his channel, and that gives him extra cash each month.
  3. Deals with Companies: Big companies that want everyone to know about their products might pay Aspas to help them. It’s because he’s a big name in video games, and people listen to what he likes.

Aspas Career

Aspas Joins LOUD

When Aspas joined the esports team LOUD, everyone started talking about him. He worked on his gaming skills and became even better. Joining LOUD wasn’t just about playing games for Aspas. He started changing the way games were played, making exciting moves that no one expected.

Big Wins by Aspas

Playing games, Aspas made his dreams come true. He didn’t just win; he showed everyone that gamers do important things. They are like heroes in their world.


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Earnings Breakdown

Year Earnings Percentage of Total Earnings
2023 $89,000.00 48.31%
2022 $94,030.78 51.04%
2021 $1,188.51 0.65%

 Aspas’s Great Year in 2022

The year 2022 was full of good things for Aspas. He didn’t just play; he took home lots of awards, especially in Valorant. Every win was a result of his hard work and dedication. He showed everyone that if you put in the effort and really focus, you can do amazing things.

aspas with team

The Exciting Year of 2023 for Aspas

In 2023, Aspas didn’t slow down; he kept on winning. His success proved that it wasn’t just a lucky streak, but because of his hard work. For Aspas, it was not just about staying at the top. He was always looking to do better and achieve even more in gaming. Each win motivated him to keep pushing and aiming for higher targets.

Career Statistics

World Ranking #1549
Country Ranking (Brazil) #61
Total Prize Money Earned $184,219.29
Tournaments Participated 12

Aspas and His Awards

Aspas is a star player in the game ‘VALORANT,’ and he’s won lots of awards. He started winning money from gaming in 2021, and by 2023, he was earning big! Most of his wins came when he was 19 years old, making almost $98,000! He plays the best in ‘VALORANT,’ winning over $184,000 in total. Most of his success happened while he was with the LOUD team. They helped him win most of his prize money.

His biggest single prize was $60,000 when he won a big ‘VALORANT’ tournament in 2022. He even started winning money before he turned 18! In March 2023, he hit a big goal by earning $100,000 in total from different tournaments. Recently, he won $50,000 in just one event. Aspas keeps showing everyone how talented he is, and he’s not slowing down!


To wrap it up, Erick “Aspas” Santos shows us all how cool and rewarding gaming can be if you work hard and stay dedicated. With his awesome gaming skills, he’s won big money, around $200,000, and made a name for himself online and in tournaments. But it’s not all just for fun. He puts in a lot of effort, practices all the time, and even helps companies sell their gaming gear.

Aspas is like a sports hero, but for gaming! His story is super inspiring for anyone who loves games and thinks they might want to go pro one day. It’s not just about being lucky but about being good at what you do and working to get better all the time. So, if you dream of gaming greatness, remember what Aspas achieved with his hard work!

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