Does GameStop Repair Consoles?

When you are playing a milestone game or exploring the wildest areas of open-world games on PC, glitches are awful. While thinking of its repair would bother you due to its effectiveness, that’s when GameStop pops-in into our minds.

It has accumulated a massive fan base owing to its quality assurance and reliable trade-ons. Hence, you would consider and think, does GameStop repair consoles? Here’s where I will mention the guide as per my experience!

Does GameStop Repair Consoles? 

GameStop repairs consoles and accessories only under stipulated conditions. This includes when you have purchased it from GameStop, and it has a warranty cover valid. 

Else, it does not repair these consoles, accessories, or any other controllers. The highest game-trading firm doesn’t offer repair services. Therefore, you have to look for another workaround. 

The workarounds include: 

  • Trying DIY Fixes if You Are Confident 
  • Repairing it from a Local Game Shop
  • Claiming its Warranty, if any, from the Game Manufacturer
  • Reselling it to Facebook Marketplace, Website/Exchange, or your Friend 

Further, things vary for consoles when it comes to Xbox and PlayStation. GameStop offers certain services related to repair and sale also. The following sections have provided a well-comprehensive solution for it! 

Can GameStop Fix Consoles for Xbox? Should I Get it Repaired?

Yes, GameStop fixes Xbox consoles only if you have purchased it from GameStop and not from any other vendor/website. Further, check if its warranty is applicable. 

However, despite the above reasons, there are some criteria to check regarding your repair decision. If the issue is a bit major and you have a warranty from the game manufacturer, then consider getting it replaced. 

Thus, the console or accessory would have a new firmware and be durable in the long run. 

When Does GameStop Buy Damaged Consoles and Accessories? 

GameStop, the prominent gaming merchandise retailer, does offer console and accessories trading as well. So, you can sell your broken PS4, Xbox, and other consoles on it. For it, there’s no condition that it should be a product of GameStop or any such. 

Moreover, like most other platforms reselling used accessories, GameStop also deducts refurbishing costs. Therefore, it will levy these charges as it will fix your console and then can resell it to other platform users. 

It’s noteworthy that you would get at least a suitable penny than discard it otherwise. After all, something is always better than nothing! 

Yet, there are some criteria it should meet then only GameStop buys: 

  • Serial Numbers should be Visible 
  • The Hardware shouldn’t be corrupt neither should it have a fault 
  • Console should on 
  • Damage shouldn’t be from an external factor
  • For consoles with screens, the screen shouldn’t be broken 
  • It shouldn’t have vulgar or pornographic stickers over it 
  • It should be a regional U.S. Console 
  • The Firmware shouldn’t be much older 

GameStop has a hallmark of excellence in selling top-notch quality gaming accessories. Therefore, when selling consoles, remember that their conditions largely depend upon the condition and model age of the console. 

Sell PS4 console at GameStop for credits

Most importantly, the staff of GameStop has the full right to refuse to buy your console for known reasons. 

Do GameStop Repair Consoles for PS4?  

No, GameStop does provide repair services for PS4 consoles. Yet, you can reach out to its store manager, and they will guide you on how you can fix them (if simple DIYs). If not, they will suggest the best local console repair for PS. 

How Much Will GameStop Pay Me For a Broken PS4? 

The amount GameStop will pay you for PS4 depends upon the condition and age of your PS4. Further, also about how much refurbishing is required. Usually, the refurbishing cost is nearly $60 if it’s in decent condition. You can avail of the amount as cash or store credits. 

Selling Broken PS4 at GameStop
Selling Broken PS4 at GameStop

However, to ensure privacy and security, you must, 

  • Charge your consoles and controllers 
  • Remove SD cards and discs if any 
  • Import its Data in PS Cloud and Delete it from Factory Reset Console 

Further, to know trade values, you can check out the trade-in page

The Bottom Line 

When you were thinking about does GameStop repair consoles, you would have your answer now. If you have bought it from the platform itself, it has a warranty; then they will repair it. Provided the damage shouldn’t be due to external factors. But when that’s not the case, you must visit a local game store for the same. 

Another idea is to contact GameStop and sell your gaming consoles, and they would deduct a refurbishing cost. Moreover, the amount you will get depends upon its condition. 

Hence, you can use it to pay a part of it to buy another console or something else. BTW, are you a PS user looking to multitask while gaming? You can check more on PS5 Picture in Picture

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