Derke Net Worth 2023: Salary, Achievements & Endorsements

If you watch Valorant on a regular basis, you definitely must be following Derke, one of the finest players right now who plays for Fnatic. He was born on February 6, 2003, and is just 20 years old. Since he is young, his reflexes have been really great and won him multiple trophies and his team multiple prizes. He is dominating right now with Fnatic and has grown a huge fanbase in the region.

Derke Net Worth 2023

Attribute Detail
Real Name Nikita Sirmitev
Nationality Finland and Russia
Birthday 6th February 2003
Age 20 years
Height N/A
Team Fnatic
Currently Playing Valorant
Net Worth Approx. $61k
Professional Since 2020
Previous Team Team Derke, KOVA Esports
Total Winnings $211,482
Largest Prize from a Single Tournament $70,000 (VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo)
Total Tournaments Played 36
Notable Achievements 1st place in VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo, Various MVP awards

Fnatic Derke’s Net Worth and Rise to Fame

fnatic derke playing
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Early Life

Birth and Nationality

Born on February 6, 2003, Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev carries a unique blend of Finnish-Russian heritage. This mix has influenced his approach to life and, significantly, his gaming style.

Entry into Professional Gaming

From his early days, Derke had an inclination towards electronic sports. His journey began in 2020, venturing into the competitive scene of ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,’ representing KOVA Esports with zeal.

Career Highlights

Transition to Valorant

2020 was a landmark year for Derke. He switched to playing ‘Valorant,’ a move that changed his professional trajectory. His skills didn’t go unnoticed, as he caught the attention of major teams in the eSports arena.

Joining Fnatic

April 8, 2021, marked his initiation into Fnatic, a significant step in his career. This opportunity wasn’t just about joining a new team; it was about showcasing his prowess on larger, more competitive stages.

Notable Tournament Wins

Derke’s list of accolades is impressive, with his first-place victory at VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo being a standout, contributing a substantial $70,000 to his earnings. His tactical gameplay and strategic foresight during matches have led his team to multiple victories, enhancing his reputation in the ‘Valorant’ community.

Statistical Analysis

Performance Metrics in Valorant

Analyzing Derke’s gameplay reveals striking numbers. A rating of 1.24 across 6,921 rounds underscores his consistency. Meanwhile, an average combat score (ACS) of 263.4 and damage per round (ADR) of 164.4 demonstrate his aggressive, impactful presence in every match.

Comparison with Other Pro Players

When pitched against other professionals, Derke stands tall. His kill, assist, survival, and trading (KAST) percentage of 73.6% puts him in an elite bracket, often turning the tide in Fnatic’s favor during crucial moments.

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Earnings Breakdown

Significant Prize Winnings

With total winnings amounting to $209,240.86, Derke has established himself as one of the highest earners in ‘Valorant’ history. His triumphs in various tournaments, particularly the S-Tier ones like VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo and others, have significantly boosted his financial intake.

Net Worth Accumulation

Considering his tournament winnings and salary, Derke’s estimated net worth hovers around $61k. This figure is testament to his skill in ‘Valorant,’ and the value he brings to Fnatic.

Personal Awards and Recognitions

Derke’s cabinet is adorned with multiple individual awards, emphasizing his importance in team dynamics. Accolades like “Duelist” and “MVP” at various stages of his career highlight his personal achievements and contributions to the team’s success.

Future Prospects

What does the future hold for Derke? If his current trajectory is any indication, the sky is the limit. With continued dedication, there’s little doubt that he’ll add more accolades and earnings to his growing legacy.


Derke’s journey underscores the limitless potential in the eSports realm. From his Finnish-Russian roots to his dominant presence in ‘Valorant,’ he continues to inspire many. His net worth and accolades are not just numbers but a storyline of dedication, strategy, and immense skill. A large number of viewers like players such as Tenz, some Scream and similarly Derke has made a popular name among the stars. As Derke’s star continues to rise, the eSports world watches in anticipation of his next big play. What’s certain is that his legacy will resonate for generations to come.

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