Dead space remake Save File Location, Save Game, Install Save File

The Dead Space Remake brings back the horror and excitement of the original survival game. As a remake of the beloved 2008 game, players are once again thrust into the depths of the USG Ishimura, a mining spaceship overrun by terrifying Necromorphs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the Dead Space remake Save File Location, Save Game and ensure your game progress is safe, and protect your sanity with backups – all while immersing ourselves in the terrifying world of Dead Space Remake.

Locating Dead space remake Save File Location:

To find your Dead Space Remake save files, follow these steps based on your gaming platform:

  • Go to this location on your Computer:

%USERPROFILE%/Documents/Dead Space (2023)/settings/steam

  • Alternative: Press the Windows key + R on your computer

Enter the below text in the address bar

%USERPROFILE%/Documents/Dead Space (2023)/settings/steam

Dead space remake Save File Location

Within the “Steam” folder, you will find your Dead Space Remake save files, represented by the .sav file format. These files contain your in-game progress, so it’s essential to keep them safe and accessible.

Dead space remake save files

Installing Dead Space remake Save File

  • You should have the save files for the Dead Space remake that have .sav format
  • If you have installed Dead Space Remake, there will be a folder  with the name Dead Space Remake (2023) in C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\Documents
  • Inside this folder, go to the folder called “Settings”
  • Inside Settings, go to the folder “Steam”
  • Add your saved files to this folder
  • Restart your game

After restarting, your new Dead Space remake save file will be reflected in the game.

How to save the game in the Dead Space remake

  • There is an autosave feature in the game that saves your game from time to time and lets you concentrate on gaming instead of saving. However, this feature is unpredictable as there are changes it didn’t save the game at the right moments and you have a lot of unsaved progress in the game that you will have to do again.
  • There are save consoles in the game that would find when entering new zones or entering large rooms. With these points, you can manually save the game and even create multiple save files. This ensures that even if your game crashes or you lose in the future, you are assured that you have saved the game at a particular point


Knowing the location of your Dead Space Remake save files, regularly saving your progress, and creating backups are essential steps to ensure a seamless and secure gaming experience. Explore the haunting depths of the USG Ishimura without worrying about losing your hard-earned progress. Face the horrors of Dead Space Remake with confidence, and may your journey be filled with unforgettable moments!

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