Cloud Meadow Waterfall Riddle Answers

Cloud Meadow is an amazing farming simulator, RPG, & visual novel game that people love to play. I am omitting the part where I tell more information about this game since it wouldn’t look good in a blog, and you would shy away from showing this blog post to anyone. You get an amazing experience while farming and playing with the monsters in this game. We will discuss the Cloud Meadow Waterfall Riddle Answers you must give the cat folk when going above the floors.

Cloud Meadow Waterfall Riddle Answers

The answers to the Cloud Meadow waterfall riddle are 35, Savannah, Cremethin, Union Frontiersmen, Central Kingdom, and Sky Pirate. These answers you can enter in the order one by one. Below are the riddle answers according to the questions asked.

  • What is the day of the season? – Answer – 35
  • What is the name of this land? – Answer – Savannah
  • What is the name of the 1st product you can gather? – Answer – Cremethin
  • What is your faction’s name? Answer – Union Frontiersmen
  • What is the bigest human settlement? Answer  – Central Kingdom
  • What is the name of the bandit group that roms the sky? Answer – Sky Pirate

You can counter the catfolk guide using these answers.

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How can i break the wall on level 3?

Floor 2

To overcome the wall on the third level, you’ll need to carefully navigate the second floor. Start by spotting triangular rocks pointing toward the center of the waterfall before leaping toward the small land mass in its middle.

Once on the island, walk straight toward the waterfall. At this position, you will come face-to-face with a series of trivia questions related to your storyline, successfully answering these and being rewarded with a key that you will use later in level 3 to breach its wall.

Floor 3

Walk along the big black sticky masses. The wall can’t be opened without the explosives you get from the scout you rescued previously.


Hope your gaming experience gets better with Cloud Meadow Waterfall Riddle Answers we provided. Give the correct answers to the catfolk that you find above floors, and your game will continue properly. You can also look into the guidebook that contains information about the answers to the riddles, including the current catfolk riddle.

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