Age of wonders 4 Hidden Achievements 2023

Age of Wonders 4 is an amazing 4X fantasy strategy game with a lot of strategies that use your mind to the fullest. It is available to play on PlayStation 5Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. In the game, there are a number of achievements that a player has to complete in order to achieve game scores and excellence in the game. Even if you achieve all the achievements, your game shows “3 hidden achievements remaining”.  This means there are some hidden achievements that haven’t been completed by you. We have covered those in this post.

We will be covering the 50 achievements that the game offers of which 44 are in the base variant of the game and 6 are in the DLC pack. Out of those 50 achievements, there are 3 hidden achievements in Age of Wonders 4. All achievements could get you 1,165 Gamerscore (1000 base variant, 165 DLC).

Age of Wonders 4 Hidden Achievements

There are 3 hidden achievements in Age of Wonders 4 which are:

  1. The Grey Wizard: Lead a faction of hobbits (halflings) to victory as a human wizard king
  2. Master of Evilness: Lead a faction of dark Goblins to victory as a Lord of Chaos
  3. Jack of All Tomes: Win the game having unlocked at least one tome of each of the six Affinities.

Once you have got all the achievements, your game will show: “3 hidden achievements remaining” If you have not done these.

How to Complete Master of Evilness hidden achievement?

How to Complete Master of Evilness hidden achievement

Map settings doesn’t matter when starting a new game.

To earn the “Master of Evilness” hidden achievement:

  1. From the main menu, begin a new game.
  2. On the faction selection, choose “Create new race and Ruler.”
  3. Select the Goblin race.
  4. Adjust other settings like Culture or Society Traits as desired.
  5. Lead your dark Goblins to victory as a Lord of Chaos.

How to Complete The Grey Wizard Hidden Achievement?

How to Complete The Grey Wizard Hidden Achievement

To unlock the “The Grey Wizard” achievement:

  1. Open the main menu and start a new game.
  2. Choose any realm; map settings aren’t crucial.
  3. In the faction selection, opt for “Create new race and Ruler.”
  4. Pick the Halfling race. Adjust settings like Culture or Society Traits as you like.
  5. For the ruler type, select “Wizard King.”
  6. Though the ruler can differ from your chosen race, ensure the ruler’s race is human using the Physical Form slider.
  7. Name your ruler and begin the game.
  8. Win using any victory condition to earn the achievement.


How to Complete Jack of All Tomes hidden achievement?

jack of all tomes

Tomes in “Age of Wonders 4” represent collections of spells, skills, units, and special province improvements that an empire can research, along with a passive ability. They are organized into 5 tiers:

  • Tier I & II tomes provide +5 Casting Points.
  • Tier III & IV tomes offer +10 Casting Points.
  • Tier V tomes give +15 Casting Points.

To progress to a higher-tier tome, an empire must know at least two tomes from the preceding tier. For tiers IV and V, these tomes must also share the same magical affinity. Tier I tomes are always open for research. The “Jack of All Tomes” achievement requires researching all spells from each Tier I Tome.

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Age of Wonders 4 All Achievements

Storyline Achievements

Achievements related to the main storyline progression in the “Rise of the Godir” saga.

  1. Valley of Wonders – Complete “Rise of the Godir: Valley of Wonders.”
  2. Enchanted Archipelago – Complete “Rise of the Godir: The Enchanted Archipelago.”
  3. Crimson Caldera – Complete “Rise of the Godir: Crimson Caldera.”
  4. The Eternal Court – Complete “Rise of the Godir: The Eternal Court.”
  5. Grexolis – Complete “Rise of the Godir: Grexolis.”
  6. One for All, All for One – Complete “Rise of the Godir: Grexolis” without any of your allies getting defeated.
  7. Betrayal Most Foul – In “Rise of the Godir: Valley of Wonders,” wage war against Sundren.
  8. I’ll Fight You All – In “Rise of the Godir: Crimson Caldera,” defeat all the contesting Godir through regular conquest.
  9. Snap Out of It! – In “Rise of the Godir: The Eternal Court,” defeat Meandor through regular conquest.

Victory Achievements

Achievements related to various victory conditions.

  1. There Can Only Be One! – Reach a Military Victory.
  2. I’ve Got Everything I Need Right Here – Reach an Expansion Victory.
  3. The Magic That Empowers Me! – Reach a Magic Victory.
  4. Full Ascension – Win a game as a Champion.
  5. Return of the Wizard King – Win the game as a Wizard King.

Mastery Achievements

Achievements showcasing a player’s comprehensive knowledge and skills related to different game mechanics.

  1. Realm Estate – Found your first city.
  2. A Wonderful Discovery – Clear an Ancient Wonder.
  3. Secret Technique – Choose a Signature Skill for a hero.
  4. Walls Cannot Stop Us – Breach a city’s walls.
  5. Bone Peddler – Sell the remains of a hero in the crypt.
  6. Digging for Treasure – Excavate a province in the Underground.
  7. From Friends to Family – Integrate a Free City into your empire.
  8. Stronger Together – Create an alliance with another Ruler.
  9. Preparation Is Everything – Fill all the equipment slots of a single hero.
  10. Magical Synergy – Complete a collection of Magic Materials.
  11. My Final Form – Have your race undergo 3 race transformations.
  12. Seat of Power – Complete all levels of the Wizard’s Tower in a Tier 4 Throne City.
  13. In a Liege of Your Own – Have 20+ Recruitment Points available in the Rally of the Lieges.
  14. I Want to Break Free – Renegotiate your freedom after becoming a vassal.
  15. Fiery Friend – Own a dragon.
  16. Against the Odds – Win a high-risk battle using manual combat.
  17. Manufactured War – Start a moderately justified war using fabricated Grievances.
  18. Impenetrable Fortress – Have a city with at least 150 Fortification Health.
  19. Intimidation Tactics – Cause at least 3 enemy units to rout during a single battle.
  20. Jack of All Tomes – Win the game having unlocked at least 1 tome of each of the 6 Affinities.
  21. Master of Evilness – Lead a faction of dark Goblins to victory as a Lord of Chaos.
  22. The Grey Wizard – Lead a faction of Halflings to victory as a human Wizard King.
  23. Pruning for Progress – Unlock all Empire Skills of an Affinity of your choice.

Affinity Tomes Achievements

These achievements celebrate the unlocking and mastery of various Affinity tomes.

  1. God Emperor – Unlock a Tier V Order Affinity tome.
  2. Lord of Chaos – Unlock a Tier V Chaos Affinity tome.
  3. Arch Mage – Unlock a Tier V Astral Affinity tome.
  4. The Creator – Unlock a Tier V Materium Affinity tome.
  5. The Goddess of Nature – Unlock a Tier V Nature Affinity tome.
  6. Eternal Lord – Unlock a Tier V Shadow Affinity tome.

Add-on: Dragon Dawn Achievements

Exclusive achievements that come with the “Dragon Dawn” expansion pack, emphasize the power and mystery of dragons.

  1. Dragon Dawn – Here be Dragons: Win a game as a Dragon Lord.
  2. Tipping the Scales – Acquire the Tome of Evolution and the Tome of Dragons.
  3. Duality – Get either a Gold Dragon or an Obsidian Dragon.
  4. Blood of the Dragon – Have a Dragon Lord undergo a Major Transformation.
  5. Mighty Hoard – Amass a Gold Income of 50 from the Dragon Hoard.
  6. Draconic Connoisseur – Own a Dragon of each origin: Fire, Frost, Gold, and Obsidian.


The sense of accomplishment you get when you complete the whole game is unmeasurable. It gives you a great sense of achievement and an opportunity to show your determination, skills, and talent to the world. You can complete the Age of Wonders 4 Hidden Achievements so that your achievement-hunting journey is completed. There are a lot of other achievements that have to be completed in this game but they are not secret and relatively easier to achieve.

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